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  1. Bring back Lalitha. As I mentioned earlier, one girl and four boys is totally out of shape. Excellent episodes can be developed with another female character and Lalitha is great with Sheldon for laughs.
  2. No, they leave to get something to eat and he returns alone. . Now it's gone reruns, maybe you catch it in a week or two I guess.
  3. LOL! That was also one of my faves. Another one was: Raj: Screw Princess Punjali (sp?) Lalita: Hey, don't speak to me like that! Raj: But you're not Princess Punjali. Sheldon: Thank goodness for you. She could have you beheaded. Yes, this dialogue is funny. Spelled Panchaali. I think it is a Bengali name. In fact, I liked Lalita's character better than Raj's, I mean in terms of being realistic.
  4. Yes, at the very end of the Halloween episode, The Middle-Earth Paradigm. Thanks. I wish writers would pay more attention to the development of characters, even in sitcoms. keval
  5. Yeah, I wondered about the drinks. And also, I don't remember exactly but didn't he get into bed with another girl in a previous episode? keval I also noticed this and was really hoping that his character would develop more, besides the fact that Raj can now suddenly talk to women - thanks to alcohol that worked way too fast (30 seconds? what kind of liquor WAS that?!) The episode was hilarious, as always. I am very anxious to see the next episode (please Arnie, end the strike!) to see how it continues. Will Raj start drinking to talk to women?........... I also have to point out th
  6. I enjoyed the big bang theory last night. It's hilarious. The one comment I would make is about the Indian characters. Lalita's character is well-written and Sarayu did a great job. Raj was cast like an exchange student from the sixties. I was hoping the character would develop into a more believable, updated character. Last night is the last straw. I have lots of Indian friends. I really hope and pray that the writers would develop the Indian characters more in step with today's life both here and India. keval
  7. yeah, I agree, it is not about "nothing". Thanxs
  8. Cool.. Raj, his girl to be and Sheldon a nice triangle. Would like to see how it develops. I can see almost a hit like Friends, which I miss.
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