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  1. In The Pancake Batter Anomaly, Penny is contagious, but asymptomatic.
  2. Speaking of things on the guys' wall, there is a poster showing part of a circle in the hallway near the refrigerator. Anyone figured out what it is? It looks like a top view of part of the saucer section of the Enterprise, but that seems like an odd thing to make a poster of.
  3. Sometimes, ComicCon will allow transfers of tickets, but you have to call ComicCon and ask them if they will in your case. It helps to have someone lined up to transfer the tickets to. The panel schedule is out, and The Big Bang Theory panel is currently on for Friday at 10:15 in room 6CDEF. This would indicate that the organizers are expecting a big turnout, and that camping out isn't going to help a lot since it is the first panel of the day. Unless they have changed things, you don't need to wait until the exhibit hall opens to line up at the panel rooms, so there is still an option for
  4. Now I'm disappointed that I'm not going to ComicCon this year. I go about every third year, and this is an off year. As a veteran of past ComicCons, I offer one suggestion for anyone who wants to be sure of a really good seat at the panel: camp out, especially if the panel is in Ballroom 20, Room 6A, Room 6B, Room 6CDEF or Hall H. Those are the really big rooms that are used for the most popular panels (e.g. the ones with the celebrity guests). The rooms don't get cleared between panels, so you can sit in on the panel right before the one you really want to see, then move up to the front wh
  5. "We are the intellectual descendants of Archimedes. Give me a fulcrum and a lever and I can move the Earth." The latter half is from a quotation by Archimedes. There are several versions of the quotation running around, some of which also require "a place to stand."
  6. I disagree. We saw Penny and Leonard leave on a date, and turn away from the restaurant. I think Season 2 will start with them still trying to have their date.
  7. Sheldon is still my favorite, but Penny is really growing on me. I like the tack her character is currently taking with regards to the guys. It seems as if she knows what the guys think of her--even Leonard--and for the moment is choosing not to acknowledge it. Back in my single days, I had a similar arrangement with a houseful of bachelors, so how she is playing this lately strikes some of the same, "Hey, that's me!" chords that I get with Sheldon.
  8. Do you think we will ever get to know what Penny's surname is?
  9. Agreed. Pre-strike Sheldon is back, the guys' interactions are much more balanced again, and I think the writers have hit on the most ingenious--and possibly realistic--way ever to handle the romantic tension between Leonard and Penny. With her still seeing someone else, the two of them hooking up is off the table, but Leonard can still harbor back-burner dreams of it without it interfering with any biosocial experiments with a neurochemical overlay that he might want to conduct with currently-available women. This was the second episode that CBS has changed the title of after it was anno
  10. Penny: This is the best cobbler ever! Mrs. Cooper: You know what the secret ingredient is? Penny: Love? Mrs Cooper: Lard.
  11. A TiVo oddity: some time last week, the TiVo listings changed the episode title to "The Nerdvana Annihilation." CBS's website still has it as "The Nerdmabilia Scattering." Weird.
  12. Agreed. When the series first started out, I explained Sheldon to a friend as "It's like everything he does in a social setting is because someone told him that is what you are supposed to do," e.g. bringing Leonard a cup of tea because "The social convention is to bring people warm beverages." That was funny. Now, the social awkwardness seems like him knowing social conventions and disregarding them anyway. That isn't funny; that is being an egotistical jerk. The pre-strike episodes were much funnier and more intelligent than this crop. I hope the show gets back to that.
  13. This is only tangentially related to the show, so I thought I would put it down here in the not-show-related section. When Barenaked Ladies released the full 1:45 version of the Big Bang Theory theme, of course I had to buy it, and I have since listened to it roughly a bazillion times. Now, I have discovered that there are several videos of the song on YouTube, and down to a one of them, they seem to render the lyrics toward the end "Religion or Astronomy, Encarta, Deuteronomy/It all started with a big bang." Right from the start, I have heard that line as "Religion or astronomy, Descartes
  14. Don't be sorry. I am frequently confused.
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