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  1. I'm sorry for my english but, what is the meaning of "negs"? People with negative comments/attitude (no link whatsoever with the N word)
  2. Nice episode. I won't go as far as to say it was great (unlike the previous one). I loved the 2 nerds + 1 nerdette combo scene at the movies. The sour patch joke toped it all. But all in all I feel a tid bit unsatisfied, although I think the development around Penny's addiction to alcohol was really relevant and funny. I would have loved to see a more cunning and motivated Stuart (like that one episode when he hit on Penny). Great lines on the Nerdxploitation jokes at the beginning. This is oh so true... I hear you. I felt the same at first. But, you've got slightly confused b/c she doesn't say "who do you love" but "who do we love" which has a different meaning to me as in "I know you're come here to beg for something, then bow down and flatter me" On a related note, I'm growing tired of the knock knock knock jokes (esp. when Penny replies after the first knocking - I know Sheldon has to knock 3 times but does it mean he has to gve it 3 rounds of 3 knocks ?" Sheldon doesn't look so twisted as to need the 3 rounds even if someone answered at the first one.
  3. Careful, they might come here and read you Couldn't care less. In fact, I dare them to do it. (but I wasn't talking about the ones you have in mind - those are Belgians, I was only bashing the French for I am one) I "defected" when they started to defecate. Anyways, I'm gonna settle this once and for all.
  4. @SD70Ace, I hear you and somehow couldn't agree more. Still, if it's too obscure and watchers can't relate or know someone who relates to the game, it's a miss. This is the big deal with shows like TBBT : make them too nerdy and they're cancelled. Make them not nerdy at all and they lose their shticks. It's quite a tough job for writers to keep it all balanced. I hate the "halo 3 night" (which they're not abiding to any longer btw) especially when they put it right when the game was out. It just doesn't add up with the kinda nerds they are (esp. sheldon). The only geeks who use consoles are those who tweak them (which isn't the case of our guys). @Netmouse : what better way to show how gamers are protrayed on TV than a show about gamers : the cool one season PURE PWNAGE (sometimes canadians are a hoot too) I love the Breaking Bad excerpt on your link. Badger's explanation is so true.
  5. This is a weird kind of debate. Why pick if you can have both ? 90% of the shows I watch are american, 5% french and 5% british. I think whether you like Brit shows or not depends mostly on - which side of the pond you live (americans tend to like brit shows for the awesomeness of the accents ) - the kind of humor that suits you (the most famous trait of brit humor being absurdness - celebrated by the Monty Pythons) I don't like most of the brit comedies for they usually feel unachieved and shallow. But a few of them are terrific. Like "Black Adder", "fawlty towers", "Monty Pyhton's flying circus", "How Not to Live your Life" and the recent "This Is jinsy". But they don't quite match the dozens of awesome american shows. After all, the USA is the country of TV industry. The funny thing is you can have a mix&match like this new brit show called "BEaver falls" taking place in california with 3 british main characters (a computer science pothead, a handsome jock and a passionate arab soccer players) hired on a summer camp because they're oxford students (but not from the famous university). Refreshing show with some brit humor but lots of american hints. I have to second that.
  6. Can hardly wait for this episode. If the pun in the title is right, does it suggest his fear of birds will spread out to other characters ? If so, that might wind up really funny. My wife is scared of pigeons only esp. when they fly by. But I used to know someone who couldn't get closer than 10 feet to any kind of bird. How bugging is that ?
  7. welcome onboard.The French suck major A anyways (or so I've heard )
  8. That's the reason why Howard's question to Sheldon ("so, how does it feel to be beaten up by a girl ?") was actually funny. It could be interpreted either as oblivious arrogance or compassion. So far Penny's only punched the jerks. I'm not seeing Penny punch Lenny or Raj unless of course the writers decide to let in some sorta slapstick humor (like the bitchslap countdown in How I met Your Mother)
  9. oh the first jewelry and it comes from a garage sale and she doesn't even get to keep it :D That was a really good line. By the way, although this line made me crack up with its harshness : I have a twin sister whose assaults began in utero. If only I'd had the presence of mind to reabsorb her, then I'd have a mole with hair in it instead of a tedious yearly Christmas letter. I don't understand how a double phD may think that with non identical /dizygotic twins (the case here since there's a girl and a boy) reabsorption could be possible (I think that what he means by reabsorbing her is the fact she would only have developped as a mole or an undistinguishable part of him). The writers have been offroading here.
  10. I wouldn't take Penny's coment as anything either way. It's done purely for humor. Yeah I second that. Penny's mostly ranting and raving and threatening to do things she won't do so she can let some steam off, just like we all do now and then. Also, since nobody mentionned this, this is one of the rare episodes where there's only one story. Usually, you have what I call the classic sitcom recipee with 2 little stories taking place at the same time. This is a known trick to make the show more "complete", so that when you remember it, there seems to be some action. Here, it's only one story and rather simple. Involving the gang to be together almost all trhu the episode. As for the nerdiness of the episode, I wouldn't go as far as some did. LOTR *used to be* a nerdy thing... until Peter Jackson made it a multi-million blockbuster. [ edit : By the way, Sheldon says "it's the language of Mordor written in elvish script". It is true that tengwar (the "language" the quote is written in) was created by an elf but it's an "elvish script" only because it's a script created by an elf so you shall not be confused by what sheldon says. In a few words, it's as if something was written in esperanto and someone said it's a polish script (for esperanto's been invented by a polish). ] It's funny to see how, for instance, science nerds find this episode not nerdy at all. Comicbooks nerds aren't left out with the amazing content of comicbbok paraphernalia in the garage sale box. fave line : "I pity the fool who's illogical" ->that was witty
  11. Native with a good mix of valley girl (which is totally socal) : like ever. Totally. btw I got the obvious star wars, "I'm so excited" and Jeopardy references but not the two others (before the buzz). One is three notes from like a cops movie or something after Sheldon asks why the fine with a picture of Penny's plate would end up in his mailbox and the other one when Sheldon says "I'm not guilty" and Howard says "you *are* guilty". Any clues ? It rings a bell but still can't get a hold on it. Is it me or it read "JUCY" (am I getting blind ?) yeah that's not even really coherent with the fact they were selling sperm to get a better internet bandwidth in episode 1x01 either.
  12. I think deelink was being sarcastic
  13. Have to side with tripper on this one, although NBC's the sing-off was a direct competitor to BBT last monday. Admitting it is the plot would mean that previous episodes were lousy. Which is not the case.
  14. shellorz


    Microwaves don't change the integrity of the molecules. Water molecules are excited by a resonance effect and give off the extra energy through heat. Heat itself can change the integrity of the molecules. But neither more nor less than a regular oven. The main difference is you can't heat up something that doesn't contain water and stuff that contains water will heat up uniformly, unlike a regular over where the outter layers will get cooked first. My 2 cents
  15. another Cameo for "Winnie Cooper" after HIMYM ! Can't wait. Also, the debate over psychics...the continuation of episode 1x1 (or 2) with Sheldon's comment about astrology... wow, I'm over-excited already. Need to chill out.
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