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  1. When I went to see this filmed I had assumed it was episode 13, because that's what made sense based on their previous filming dates. When I got a script from this episode, though, it said 1.12 on the front cover. My best guess would be that they made a typo on that week's scripts. (Not surprising, seeing as their handouts said it was 2007.) I changed the number on the thread to 1.13. Sorry for the confusion. My bad.
  2. No need to feel silly. I have a crush on Sheldon, too. He's just such a cutie!
  3. I'm not sure if CBS has released anything about this episode yet. I went to see them film this, though, so here's some information from me.
  4. USA. Near Los Angeles, California.
  5. Kerryl64: I went to see them film this episode, but since I haven't seen the final version I have a question for you. When Sheldon and Penny are walking up the stairs together Sheldon says one of two lines, and I'm wondering if you remember which one they decided on? Was it: or Personally, I hope they chose the Galileo one. Both made me laugh, but the first one just seems like a joke only this show could get away with. Anyway, do you happen to remember?
  6. Hey. My name is Sara and I'm 17. I like to watch tv, play video games, read, and stuff like that. And I'm totally in love with the Big Bang Theory. And Sheldon.
  7. I went to see them film this episode last Tuesday. There wasn't too much drama at all. It was just very, very funny. So no worries, it's a great episode!
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