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  1. And remembering high school is a good thing? I have fond memories don't worry about that, but I constantly find myself wondering why on Earth I cared so much (for interest, I was a cross between Leonard and Sheldon, caught up in work, but also wanted the girl).
  2. I don't think any of them are bad, just different and very true. I remember guys like Leonard, overlooked because they weren't classically handsome, but they were actually the kindest and most intelligent guys. The popular girls always turned up their noses at them, but these guys like Leonard treated the girlfriends they finally got MUCH better than the Jocks treated the Promqueens. I also remember the annoying little horney guys like Howard, who would basically go after anyone, but then never stay with one girl, and the painfully shy guys like Raj. I also loved the annoying and superior "Super Geeks" like Sheldon who were so into their IMPORTANT WORK that they pretended not to care about girls....but they secretly had crushes on all the Prom queens, but would rather die than admit it. They could come up with some of the most scathingly snarky comments about all the "Beautiful People" and kept us constantly in gales of laughter during lunch. I actually remember guys very similar to these characters, that is why I think this show is so funny...it reminds me of highschool.
  3. I agree, It seems like what was once a promising, intellegent, DIFFERENT comedy has now gone to all the old pratfalls and stupidity that rein in the "traditional" sit-com. As they have idiotized Sheldon and made him seem more stupid and childish it has cheapened the humor. PLEASE, if any writers dain to read these fan sites, PLEASE bring back the humor you started this series with!
  4. Yup, Me too....If I wasn't already married (LOL) My hubby and I are frequently quoting "Sheldonisms" back and forth.... I think he is really cute too.
  5. LuckyM, The version we were shown had the Pope/Galileo line....I thought that show was hilarious. Actually, I liked that one better than the one we saw filmed a week later, but they do a lot of fiddling and changing so who knows how it will end up?
  6. Great, now I can watch it when I am in Adelaide for the Easter holidays.
  7. That was too cool! I wonder if we posted messages to "Wolowizard" if "he" would reply? I'd love to see more....and yes, we saw the tape of that episode. I can't wait until Monday!
  8. Thinking about the characters I think Leonard/Johnny is the sweetest. He would be the one that would be a great friend. (God only knows how he puts up with Sheldon! LOL) I can't help but cheer him on hoping he and Penny eventually get together. Howard/Simon is probably the second best comedic actor ( Behind Jim/Sheldon) He has some hysterical lines and is so deluded about how "smooth" he is.( He also dresses like one of the Monkees TV band from the 60's) Kunal/Koothroppali is very handsome and I loved him in "The Grasshopper Effect" I hope they will feature him more in some future episodes.
  9. I agree shellorz--I saw the show being taped last week ( Yay! New Episodes!) Jim/Sheldon had a HUGE amount of dialogue to memorize in comparison to the others, plus the vocabulary is rather challenging. He had these long strings of verbage, AND could make us all break up laughing just by his facial expressions/body language. His character is the funniest I have seen in a long time... On the flip side, Kaley IS absolutely adorable so I can understand why the guys are so taken by her---she was just as pretty in person too.
  10. Ya know, I have been thinking about a couple of things I just don't understand....If Leonard and Sheldon are physics scientists, out of uni, with advanced degrees working at Cal-Tech why are they not making more money than a waitress??? It seems as though Penny, who works originally at the Cheesecake Factory, can afford her own apartment, but Leonard and Sheldon apparently can't??? How come everyone in the show "Got Busy" at one time or another, but Sheldon, who is the cutest/best looking gets left out? ( Well, okay, he IS a complete geek and hard to get along with but why leave him out? Doesn't seem fair.
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