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  1. A big one I know he says a lot of things I might not comprehend all the way, so therefore he might think you know.. I'm not exactly up to par:icon_mrgreen: I know we play different video games - he likes Halo, which I've never really touched and don't know if I ever will because it's too popular for me. But I can't help it. He's intelligent, he makes me laugh (sometimes unintentionally even), he's... tall and lanky, and recently I just learned he looks hot in a hoodie. He looks cute when he gets upset too.. so that makes arguements amusing usually. He's just great, and I hope I can marry someone like him some day... wow I'm hopeless . I'm glad this guy was created so I can fawn hopelessly over him while waiting for someone who actually LIVES by me to show up. I feel silly posting this... but then again, this is a forum based on the show, so I suppose a silly post about one of the characters won't hurt. I feel better now after letting this all out to someone. at least I don't have to feel too stupid since there are other Sheldon 'fangirls' at the livejournal community... and this one girl who I've never talked to ever told one of my guy friends that she was gonna send ninjas after me over him.
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