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  1. ah but subconsciously no one falls asleep in away there brain says is unsafe if he was falling asleep he would of fell alseep the correct way and if he just fell asleep why was the tv off why was there a pillow under his head and why did he have a blanket on? papsmear081 ur theory is floored :(

  2. another one is at the end of episode 7 is when raj talks in the prezent of 4 hot girls but the other epsisode he cant talk in pennys apartment he has to wisper this is not clever

  3. any body notice the discrepancy in these two episode's in episode 5 shelden sleeps on the couch with his head towards the door and in episode 7 mentions sleep with head away from the door this is in fact hipocrtical as he did sleep with his head near the door :S the mind boggles at the script writers lack of consistency :D LOL GEEK THAT :D

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