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  1. It clearly sounds like "Encarta" to me. Sorry.
  2. It was a rather mediocre show. They should definitely have ended it after the death of John Ritter.
  3. PapSmear081

    Know you

    Basics Name: Marvin Age: 18 Birthday: October 15 Sex: Male Eye Colour: Green Hair Colour: Brown Height: 6ft 1½" Pets: None Favorite Drink: Ribena Food: Curry Colour: Red Store: ASDA Either Or Spender or Saver: Saver Books or Movies: Books Sweet or Salty: Salty
  4. Yes. Have you ever fallen down a flight of stairs?
  5. False. The next person can drive.
  6. You're not Camstud619 from WWE-Club.com are you?
  7. I only speak English. Although I do know a tiny bit of French.
  8. Jim Parsons - 6ft Johnny Galecki - 5ft 5" Kaley Cuoco - 5ft 6" Simon Helberg - 5ft 4" Kunal Nayyar - 5ft 7"
  9. It's unlikely that he will because then Penny would probably find out that he is not really Sheldon's cousin Leopold.
  10. Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England.
  11. When you're falling asleep you can't dictate what happens to you, you just doze off regardless of where you are or what you are doing. Why would he make a temporary bed on the sofa? If he was tired he would have just gone to his bedroom. Maybe he hadn't been watching the TV. It wasn't a pillow, it was just a cushion on the sofa. His head was also partially resting on Leslie Winkle's violin case which further reinforces the fact that he accidentally fell asleep. You wouldn't purposefully go to sleep on a violin case - it would be extremely uncomfortable. He probably just got cold while he was sat on the couch wondering what to do. Surely you mean my theory is flawed? Which it isn't.
  12. This sounds like it could be the best episode yet.
  13. I get anywhere between 8-14 hours sleep. Although I've heard that people who sleep for longer than 7 hours a day have shorter lives than others.
  14. Yes but Sheldon only slept with his head towards the door because he inadvertently fell asleep. If he had been making a temporary bed like Penny he would have had his head away from the door.
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