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  1. Basics Name: Sandra Age: 39 Birthday: September 5 Sex: Female Eye colour: blue Hair colour: Brown Height: 5'4 ish Any pets if yes what are there names: Yes, Zelda and Dillon (cats) Favorite Drink: Sierra mist free Food: Steamed blue crab Colour: black Store: wherever there is a sale Either/Or Spender or saver: Try to save end up spending(I have 2 teenage kids) Books or movies: books Sweet or salty: Salty
  2. Loved it when Shannon was still on. Rose was ok, but the last few seasons turned me off and I quit watching.
  3. Anyone dating Tom Brady.I am sick of hearing about the him and whoever else he is seeing.
  4. I used to watch it years ago and it was pretty good. I enjoyed it.
  5. I have just started watching Two and a half men and I love it!
  6. One of my favorite shows is Criminal Minds. Does anyone else here watch it?
  7. Hello! My name is orioleinflorida1 and I am a new member of this forum. The Big Bang Theory is my absolute favorite show and I cant wait to hang out here with all of you fellow fans.
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