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  1. T-Bird23

    Episode 3.01

    If anyone wants to see some pics for the season premere, here they are. http://thetvaddict.com/2009/08/26/first-look-the-big-bang-theory-retur ns-from-the-arctic
  2. We all need it to be September 21 lol:icon_mrgreen:
  3. No problem. Anytime i find any spoilers ill be sure to post them up here
  4. If anyone wants some spoilers, there are lots of them on cbs.com http://www.cbs.com/forum/posts/list/74956.page
  5. Did anybody get the chance to go to the taping?
  6. There is no new episode until March 2. Then there is 5 straight new episodes.
  7. i hope that they at least last through the second season. This show should last through at least 4 seasons. It has the potential to.
  8. Since we all know Penny and Leonard went out on a date, who thinks that they will actually become a real couple and how long do you think it will last?
  9. I hope that season 2 starts out with Leonard and Penny on the date. I think if the writers didn't do this, a lot of viewers would be extremely upset.
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