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  1. Man, no wonder I dont come here anymore. This forums is so full of hate for this show its unreall.
  2. Yes the show has changed but in a good way. I've always related to all the geeks (mostly Lenard and Rajesh) on some level. I'm a shy guy that has always been involved in really geeky stuff (501st, star wars.. I work in IT ..) My life was similar to theirs, doing geeky crap cuz screw everyone im going to do it. Well now I have a great girlfriend like many of the guys on the show, and know what. Things change you stop doing 'halo night' and hang out with your girl instead. So I can relate and it shows the characters are evolving. They are still the geeks we love, but their lives are changing as most geeks do. Its a show that for the risk of looking corny, has given many of us hope.
  3. Amy would kill Penny if she started dating Sheldon
  4. Well. Heroes is going to directly compete with Big Bang again. starting next week. I was really looking forward to not having to DVR both shows.
  5. that is neat! she is a huge geek her self.
  6. I can't find the scene your referring to. In his bedroom, this episode?
  7. Screen from the start of the zoom out... doesn't look right at all.
  8. Wheaton has a rule "Don't be a deck!" that's all he plays now adays???? He is overly critical, I believe they laid it out perfectly.
  9. LOL... Wil Wheaton played Wesley Crusher on TNG... one the of the most hated characters in trek.. I wouldn't' be surprised if the guys hate him.
  10. I had a little trip down memory lane seeing geocities in your link lol. I honestly thought they had shut there doors by now. Cool game!
  11. Isn't the Grip in charge of that? I know movies have someone that takes a photo of the set before shooting and makes sure it is set between every take.
  12. There is a torrent at the big green monster tracker . It's not really worth downloading that one, it's almost the same pilot we all saw, just some minor changes. This one does have Penny, the first pilot made before 06 would be more interesting to find, the one with the Katie character.
  13. And Judith is more of a supporting role. Were Penny is a main role
  14. He mirrors Data in many ways. He is growing more social as Data did through out TNG.
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