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    I believe the apartment is not a scaled layout. They have put in angles on several walls to allow access for the camera crew. I tried to draw up my idea but it became even more apparent. Are sheldon's and lenords rooms down the same hall way as the bath room? If so whats the mystery door behind the couch for? If so are the bedrooms back to back or is one across the hall and next to the kitchen? And for Penny, is her bedroom behind the stair well? I attached my work up. But it looks weird
  2. Ooo.. I guess I get it now. The shows you can watch online now are not the type of show to be re-ran in syndication. Lost, Heroes, Battlestar..
  3. Why can't CBS just put the episodes online instead of these horribly edited/mocking clips.
  4. I use audacity, with my sound card, I select record "What You Hear". I just play the clip and record it. But to obtain the actual show on my computer... My DVR records it but the local CBS does not broadcast it in HD. The HD shows are available else were on the interwebs.
  5. Here ya go. Sorry it took so long. This knock is from the latest Episode.. there is a lot of laughter in the track. If you know of a cleaner one I'll grab it. Knock MP3
  6. lol i never looked up walletnook.. i just figured it was already a site haha
  7. from: tvlisting.wordpress.com The Big Bang Theory 2.19 - The Dead H00ker Juxtaposition - Press Release Penny Is No Longer The Queen Bee When A Sexy New Neighbor Moves Into The Building, On “The Big Bang Theory†Monday, March 30 “The Dead H00ker Juxtaposition†- Penny develops a rivalry with a sexy female neighbor who threatens to become “The New Penny†in the building, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Monday, March 30 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. SERIES REGULARS: Leonard…………………………….. Johnny Galecki Sheldon………………………………….. Jim Parsons Penny…………………………………… Kaley Cuoco Wolowitz……………………………. Simon Helberg Koothrappali………………………… Kunal Nayyar GUEST STARS: Mrs. Wolowitz……………………. Carol Ann Susi Alicia………………………………….. Valerie Azlynn WRITTEN BY: Steven Molaro DIRECTED BY: Mark Cendrowski Click Here For More Info (board is censoring episode title FYI,)
  8. According to CBS's website, no Big Bang on the 23rd. Instead they are running back to back How I Meet Your Mother, probably a buffer in the event college basketball is delayed.
  9. haha THOUSANDS OF COLORS CURRENTLY NOT IN STOCK (if a TV show speaks of a website, generally they always have to buy the domain, and usually put some fake site on it.)
  10. When I have a spare moment I can grab one. Do you have one form any particular episode?
  11. [align=center] Add that to the ultimate TBH one liner list.
  12. Oo I haven't seen Red Dwarf in years, but your are right. They so need to do a Comic Con episode. But I don't know how on earth you could get away filming that.
  13. I'd be down for this. It had it's highest ratings yet in that spot. BUT! then it would go up against HEROES.
  14. I'll have to see Fiddler now, looks interesting lol.
  15. Oo Wolowitz and Winkle? Well it is past New Years.
  16. Ha Ha! And remember, they joked about her after the season 1 break!
  17. Steve, Your reviews are awesome, keep it up!
  18. Hooooo... Pooor Lenard. It was good to hear some of Lenard's childhood, even if it was pretty bad. Lenard and Penny seemed to relate pretty well. Even if it took some alcohol. They had a blow out, but they both realized what happened and agreed to over look it. Sheldon and Lenard's mom was just odd, funny, but just dam odd.
  19. GRRRR!!. I'd honestly would prefer them pushing the episode to next week!!!! The DVR will not be happy.. usually cuts off 5 minutes or so when they do this!
  20. WE GET TO SEE LENNY'S MOM!!! I guess it will be Christine Baranski, since she is the guest star. Did anyone else hope, in a very weird way, it would be Rosanne?
  21. Thank the maker for dual tuner DVRs, I expect we might see Chuck surpass Big Bang tonight in the ratings game. (if they would air Chuck in the slot before Big Bang they would be allot better off, or after Heroes) Chuck is doing a 3D show tonight that got allot of buzz during the Super Bowl.
  22. Front Page Story I didn't' see this hit the forums so I brought it over so we can all talk about it. --- I think this is odd, but have to agree with the show's staff. Their doesn't appear to be much use of her character, other then the off and on appearances. Especially since the bigger break up.
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