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  1. Tripper is correct. They are referencing 2001: A Space Odyssey, the following clips should help. One should really watch the movie. It's really dry but a must for any geek. Dawn of Man Dawn of Man - 5m 15sec
  2. WyoLars

    Episode 2.13

    Thanks Marlon thats awesome. Over all I agree with the episode the flow cart was really the only funny part of the whole episode.
  3. Well if their isn't. someone at the network needs to be fired. Big Bang is smoking hot in the ratings right now.
  4. WyoLars

    Episode 2.12

    I thought this episode was great. I loved the shot where penny socked Howard lol. He deserved that one!
  5. WyoLars

    Episode 2.12

    Woot! Episodes start backup tonight!
  6. so actors are only allowed to have one job at a time? and that was sheen we saw
  7. Love the Avatar!!! and Welcome!
  8. "this guy" looks the part. Should be interesting!!
  9. So was this the last episode until the super bowl? like heroes?
  10. After 2.10 this is exactly what i wanted to see!! The gang is back, and not just for lunch!!
  11. I agree with Steve.. Which is said, I like her character, but.. she is getting in the way of rest of the cast. We only saw Koothrappali and Wolowitz at lunch. And that seemed forced by the writers. I hope she does move back to her place, this would allow the others to come back in to the story. Also it's not cool that she is changing Lenard, super not cool. Let the Geek be!
  12. Lol, not sure what kind of advice Penny will give. Her relationships seems to move at the speed of light.
  13. and did I mention. She's Cute!
  14. WyoLars

    Nerd Test

    i took the test again to see if the percentages have changed. only slightly. but i loved the question involving the picture above lol.. VULCAN
  15. WyoLars

    Episode 2.07

    great episode. since big bang was one of few last week to have a new episode, it probably got use some new viewers. so they tuned in this week.
  16. Christmas. one would have to wonder... Would probably be more like old navy 's Chrismanukkahwanzaadan!! I bet we get a thanksgiving episode. New Years would be kick ass as well, with the trend of getting Raj drunk so he can talk to Penny..
  17. So,,, how long is Lenard going to keep Sheldon out in the cold lol.
  18. WyoLars

    Episode 2.04

    ... we was rather drunk..
  19. WyoLars

    Episode 2.04

    meh it was ok. but Raj needs to get some screen time. My fav character is still Leonard, but Sheldon is getting funnier and funnier. I had no idea a human face could look like that, lol.
  20. WyoLars

    Episode 2.03

    Really? they had to get the programmers to do that? Wasn't very impressive.. but I'm sure they got some budget help for the face time.
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