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  1. WyoLars

    Episode 2.03

    Age of Conan i heard it sucked.. i'm honestly surprised they didn't do WAAARRGH.. as it just released.
  2. WyoLars

    Episode 2.03

    it hasn't aired yet...
  3. WyoLars

    Episode 2.02

    where do you find these stats?
  4. WyoLars

    Knight Rider

    If you saw it, what did you think. I personally didn't care for it. It wanted to be a network televisoin adult film .. Oye it was BAD
  5. They are probably holding out for the DVD, given they released the Season One DVD so soon.
  6. CBS is prolly working out a deal. Now that iTunes is a flat rate it might have scared them off, but NBC did come back with HD downloads. I pull them off my DVR..
  7. the first few episodes where good, then it just got weird(post strike). I think they are available on the CBS website.
  8. WyoLars

    Episode 2.01

    Yea, I wonder why they went all Geek on this time slot these past two year. Doesn't seem fair. Terminator, Big Bang, and Chuck..
  9. WyoLars

    Episode 2.01

    If that's the case, it was only a pre-show, after this week i think they go back to their 8pm time slot.
  10. WyoLars

    Episode 2.01

    What beat big bang in ratings?
  11. WyoLars

    Episode 2.01

    Omg, this was the funniest episode yet. "I'M BATMAN" Sheldon was on his game this time. To bad Lenard blows it with penny. "I'm BATMAN"
  12. WyoLars


    That sounds right. In "The Grasshopper Experiment" he states he was going to be the Gandhi of Astrophysicist, while his drunken rant with Penny.. Still looking for a more direct reference.
  13. WyoLars

    Episode 2.01

    4.25 hours and counting :D
  14. WyoLars

    Episode 2.03

    You could view it on the website after it airs on TV :D
  15. That hotel key in your post is awesome!!
  16. lol.. yea i deleted Terminator.. I watched the season premier. But ended up watching good eats or some crap lol. Will have to see if Chuck can redeem it's lack luster first season.
  17. Umm, Why are all the Geeky shows at 7pm on Monday night. My DVR can't record them all. Help me decide witch one to choose, since Big Bang is taking up one of the slots. Terminator or Chuck
  18. WyoLars

    Episode 2.02

    oye... Codpiece.. this can't be good.. to bad to hear about the .. other guy.
  19. WyoLars

    DVD Reviewed

    Would love to see the other pilots that they spoke of at Comic Con
  20. WyoLars

    Episode 2.01

    As a prop geek this looks interesting. Like TNG's ten forward, second season brings us a new set. THE LAUNDRY ROOM. and good to see the elevator is still broken lol.
  21. I didn't know about that site until it was mentioned on the Comic Con panel. (thanks again for recording that) Very interesting!
  22. WyoLars

    Jim Parsons

    No No No... but I'm a huge Lenard fan. That and they would have to explain every sentence they spoke to each other, over and over again.. Would make for a great episode :D
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