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  1. WyoLars

    A-Z: Movies

    Tora! Tora! Tora! never seen it .. but love the name TORA!
  2. Laramie, WY USA Loveland, CO USA Lovelock, NV USA Been to all of them, tried to make it interesting. -- Name 3 obscure comic book super heros
  3. Cheyenne yea I've seen it. and been there lol.
  4. WyoLars

    A-Z: Boys Names

    Yancy. I knew a guy in high school named Yancy
  5. WyoLars

    A-Z: Movies

    Raiders of the Lost Ark link to confirm it's not Indy Jones:
  6. WyoLars

    A-Z: TV Shows

    I shouldn't Be Alive
  7. That's weird.. I photoshoped it for those that can't see it. I wouldn't think to much of it.. the pattern is going across the shirt, and would look more like a wavy pattern if the jacket wasn't isolating the center.
  8. Thanks :D Will have to read it when i have a few minutes
  9. WyoLars

    ComicCon Panel

    I tried, but they said it is to late..
  10. WyoLars

    ComicCon Panel

    Let me call them tomorrow and see what we can do :D
  11. WyoLars

    ComicCon Panel

    Well if we can get a confirmed person. I'll call them up and see if i can transfer.. Would love the see the Q&A I only have one set.. but it's a full pass (REALLY wish they would mail out the badges like other cons, then i'd just mail them to our guy) Either way, we are talking about a geeky panel.. it will be on youtube (you know Wolowitz would).... It better or we fail as a fan community lol
  12. WyoLars

    ComicCon Panel

    I actually have tickets for it, but have switched my resources to going to BlizzCon in October.. Other wise i'd be going.. If they didn't' require a check in . I'd donate the tickets to the boards and see if someone in the area could go for us...
  13. Any News, how do you think it will affect the show (other then stopping production). Since this show had to deal with the writers strike, now possibly the actors strike.
  14. WyoLars

    ComicCon Panel

    Who is going to ComicCon :D And, if you are PLEASE bring a camcorder and record the panel so the rest of us can enjoy it :D
  15. Your site will not load.. From my experience with replica prop forums, and it is generally a no no to sell repo stuff on sites that are trying to be somewhat official. As your right in the sight of the copyright holders. Just a heads up.
  16. well i found other Captian Future posters.. just can't seem to find this one..
  17. well i found the cover for the poster by the door.. maybe we can find that.. GROUP PROJECT!!!!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/hatwoman/2511744884/in/photostream/
  18. I hope your right :D Since 2.5 Men is going strong, i think big bang can as well.. I still see an off and on relationship with Leonard and Penny. kinda like that 70s show and dare i saw it.. Saved by the Bell ...
  19. if they get renewed for a 3rd season. they break up and go back to being friends... if they get canceled they last ... mind you.. I hope I'm completely wrong..
  20. WyoLars

    Nerd Test

    19% scored higher (more nerdy), 1% scored the same, and 80% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: High-Level Nerd. You are definitely MIT material, apply now!!!. * raises hand * Formal Protest, I'm a specialized nerd in the computer/prop realm. Unfair test... lol
  21. I believe i speak on behave of every geek out there..
  22. but you'd have to build an elevator What I meant is. they get several floors for the price of one. And talking in a stair way is way cooler than standing still in an elevator as it goes up.
  23. hoftstadter confirmed. see attachment then a few seconds later when Sheldon gets up from the crowd he introduces him self as Sheldon Cooper
  24. I'm almost positive we have heard Leonard Hofstadter, and Sheldon Cooper (prolly the episode he gets fire/hired) in an episode or two. I'll have to fire up the DVR. as for the title yes, Episode 9 is titled: The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization
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