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  1. I tracked down this episode (some reason it didn't air up here..). I gotta say it was allot funnier then the last few episodes, but same time depressing (I have way to much in common with Lenard) that penny picks up another guy. BUT, I spouse that needs to happen to keep the series going lol. Oye, the life of a geek.
  2. I think he was more distraught at the fact that he didn't know what to do involving the actions in the bedroom. And about the money, they probably realize it is cheaper for them to share an apartment then to pay more for individual ones. After all they are geeks and eBay has so many lovely things...
  3. This sounds more like a pre-strike episode. Yippee
  4. No, I think it is a very cleaver plot device. When you think about it, they are getting allot for their money with the sets they have developed. Two rooms and a stairwell that can be reproduced to act as 3(?). With the addition or removal of caution tape and cardboard signs.
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