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  1. Most Nobel laureates don't have a crew of writers working underpaid hours for them
  2. Raj is unaware of the women, ergo, his neurosis isn't triggered and his speech is not inhibited.
  3. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/big_bang_theory/photos/photos.php?v=190&s=1&p=1 this one? I believe it is a volcom-stone t-shirt. This conclusion is drawn from the symbol on the figures chest.
  4. Any clever ideas out there? (Perhaps if we're lucky, writers might take a few on board)
  5. So... are we all pleased with the way "Tangerine Factor" turned out? I think it was a good episode, with the only downside being that we don't get to find out how Leonard and Penny's date goes until next season. Also, while Sheldon's bad Mandarin was funny in places, it didn't see to gel with what I would've expected for season final material. Any other opinion?
  6. No, you'd just replace the empty shaft with a box, its doesn't have to move, you'd just have 1 upstairs and 1 ground floor. Fair point about the stair being cooler tho.
  7. And remembering high school is a good thing? I have fond memories don't worry about that, but I constantly find myself wondering why on Earth I cared so much (for interest, I was a cross between Leonard and Sheldon, caught up in work, but also wanted the girl).
  8. As far as production costs go, it won't make much difference, as you would still only need the ground floor set + 1 other generic floor. The only addition would be the 6x6 foot box for them to enter into, and money would be saved, seeing as they wouldn't need to worry about changing the signs and purchasing more "CAUTION" tape.
  9. Another idea (that my mother had actually, she enjoys the show as well), is that they all need to fix the elevator either as a finale plot/hanger, or at the end of the season two opener, and then have an episode where they all get stuck together. (perhaps this will give a chance for Raj to get over his neurosis, at least where Penny is concerned).
  10. Penny - "Tweetie Bird tawt he ta a what?" (Sheldon and Leonard think for moment) Sheldon - "A Romulan". (Penny looks at Sheldon in disbelief) Penny - "Yes, he tawt he taw a Romulan" (Leonard gives Sheldon a high-five)
  11. "Yes, it tells us that you participate in the mass cultural delusion that the suns apparent position in relation to arbitrarily defined constellations somehow has an effect on your personality." Sheldon to Penny, after she explains that she is a Sagittarius - Pilot. Note: The fact that that Jim Parsons manages to do the whole thing in one breath, kudos to him.
  12. I've only just gotten hooked on the show in the last month, and been catching up, the suspense is killing me.
  13. It should be fixed as the last thing in the final episode of the season, as a weird sort of finale cliff-hanger. then in the first ep of season 2, sheldon or one of the other 3 can break it trying to make it better or something.
  14. "Maths, science, history, unravelling the mystery, that all started with a BIG BANG!"
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