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  1. Sheldon: Anyway it occurs to me, if I ever did perfect the time machine, I would just go into the past and give it to myself. Blatant contradiction to Sheldon explaining to Leonard why Leonard wouldn't be able to "un-bid" for the time machinhe The biggest irony though IMO, is that these guys are portrayed being so articulate. On the contrary I find brilliant Scientists, especially creative Nobel Laureates are not so verbally oriented/talented. They tend to think pictorially.
  2. I just gave you a reasonable explanation (Sheldon's best at penny's apartment in midnight, uninvited) That's brilliant! (Leonard's immediate response to Sheldon's succinct two words: Schroedinger's Cat) Blablabla, typical Taurus (Penny retorts to Sheldon's Astrology-undermining "psychotic rant") No I think it needs to be spontaneous (Kiss scene with Miss Wrinkle) I don't have to believe in (luck) for her to be lucky ("touch my board" incident)
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