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  1. sheldonleonard

    The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis 2x11 OBVIOUS MISTAKE!!

    Hmm... then was that Charlie Sheen or Charlie Harper in The Griffin Equivalency?
  2. sheldonleonard

    Episode 2.11 (Dec 15th)

    I saw this taping. Great x-mas episode. No spoilers, but imagine gift exchange gone horribly funny!
  3. sheldonleonard

    Episode 2.07

    Wow, those are huge numbers. With so little ads or publicity, this show just has a great following.
  4. sheldonleonard

    Episode 2.07

    "the guy's one lab accident away from being a supervillain" This is probably my favorite ep this season. Klingon Boggle, spyplanes, and panty-pinata!
  5. sheldonleonard

    Episode 2.08

    Looks as though Sara Rue will be back for a few more episodes, maybe Leonard gets a steady(finally!) http://www.tvguide.com/News/Big-Bang-casting-35410.aspx
  6. sheldonleonard

    Episode 2.08

    Whoa! Howard's shirt is extreme! From the pics looks like another classic!
  7. sheldonleonard

    Episode 2.06

    Wow, someone who actually got on Sheldon's nerves! Great episode again, loved the montage of poor Sheldon evading Ramona.
  8. sheldonleonard

    End Of show Clips

    censored again!
  9. sheldonleonard

    Episode 2.07

    Thanks. The photos look funny. Are Raj and Howard moonlighting as the Geek Squad?
  10. sheldonleonard

    Episode 2.07

    Are there going to be two new episodes next Monday?
  11. sheldonleonard

    Doppler Effect by Sheldon?

    It's the apparent change in the frequency of a wave caused by the relative motion between the source of the wave and the observer.
  12. sheldonleonard

    November Sweeps Highlights

    I hope so. We already have a rerun next week, hopefully we'll get 4-5 new ones before X-mas. Also, too bad they can't rerun an episode from this season, since they're not available to d'load.
  13. sheldonleonard

    November Sweeps Highlights

    Huh? Only one episode?
  14. sheldonleonard

    Behind the scenes!

    Cool! Thanks for that. I wonder if this will be on a future Insider?
  15. sheldonleonard

    The Big Bang Theory makes TV Guide's Top Moments!

    Way to go TBBT!

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