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    Episode 2.06

    Loved the episode. It was great to see Sheldon meet and interact with a girl who is in his same level. I thought she was going to turn into a girl friend for him until she started getting to obsessed with making him work and trying to get his credit. It was funny when Penny asked what his deal is and they all started to explain their theories on how he will reproduce haha. I hope Sheldon finds true love one of these episodes .
  2. sb1

    Episode 2.03

    Great episode! I loved the interaction between Sheldon and Penny. I want to watch it again!
  3. sb1

    Episode 2.01

    Haha, best line. It was a good episode. I love the Sheldon/Penny scenes. They are so opposite its funny to see them interact.
  4. sb1

    Favorite Quotes

    "Show me your citrus peels." - Sheldon
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