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  1. Well he can talk to women if he is either under the influence of alcohol or thinks he is. Plus there is always that experimental drug that he could use once in awhile despite the side effects. His difficulty in speaking to women is an ongoing gag that I doubt Chuck Lorre would want to give up.
  2. Such possibilities. I didn't know someone brought up shipping Penny and Sheldon with the BBT creators/writers. Why would they be suprised? These guys seem to have more than a passing understanding of fandom.
  3. I saw quite a bit of the cast on various talk shows over the summer. Thought everybody might enjoy this interview that he gave during the TCAs (television critc association awards) http://tinyurl.com/l9kxjq
  4. Thank goodness. It seems most of the shows that I like get canceled before they get to a 3rd season. Not all, bit a whole lot of them.
  5. Less than 3 hours at a stretch normally but I think I've finaly found that if I swim for an hour or so in the late afternoon I've been able to increase that to 6 or even 7 hours.
  6. I think that means it will be in competition with House
  7. ruach

    Episode 2.01

    Methinks he didn't so much blow it as put a damper on it. Looks like Penny cared enough to make up a modest degree so she does kind of like him. She's sorting things out and he was a bit of an idiot. Still, only time and the writing staff can tell.
  8. ruach

    Episode 2.01

    I can't wait for tonight's episode but I wish the writers had come up with a better reset button for Leonard and Penny. Not waking up and it was all a dream reset but something that woul d not leave things in such an akward state.
  9. I wouldn't say that she is having to stretch herself as an actress for this role. While Darlene was more of an artist than scientist the characters share a snarky personality , a lack of the ususal female fasion cues ( although Darlene in her Bohemian way had a sense of style ). I hope for Sara Gilbert's sake that they have the character grow a bit. ============================= ...And if I did get smart with you how would you know?
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