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  1. I'm including manga in this(incomplete) list: -Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (though AnoHana for short) -Cage of Eden -Monster -Eureka Seven -Cross Game -Rurouni Kenshin -ST&RS -Bakuman -BECK -Fullmetal Alchemist -Most films by Ghibli -ALL films by Makoto Shinkai
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    Then again, she also kind of belittled him when he was playing some nerdy game (I forget) with the guys. Young boy in a man's body? Plus, even though she does have a point in being wary of Penny, telling him he can't hang around her is a big no-no for me. Leonard tried to pull the same stunt, and it was just as bad then. Leonard around Penny didn't have to hide the nerdiness, but when he dates Priya, he has to lie about where he's been because he and the guys are on an epic quest with Sheldon. Penny might've cracked a joke or two or rolled her eyes, but she would've understood.
  3. I thought this episode was pretty good! At least it was a step in the right direction mostly. The girls were hilarious, especially Bernadette and Amy. Some loveable nerdiness is brought back (Leonard was actually excited about Sheldon's modifications to the chess game) Sheldon wasn't too jerk-ish. Raj's part however...Meh. Hopefully they continue on this path next episode.
  4. I miss the non mainstream nerdy humor. That's why I laughed so hard, its because it was new to me. I've seen sex and fart jokes a million times. Gimmie something scientific any day!
  5. ^ I find Bernadette adorable. As as long as Amy isn't acting like Sheldon 2.0, she's pretty funny.
  6. I think Leonard has went up 50+ points in my book. He ignored the clearly attractive and willing woman for WoW. There's the Leonard from season 1! I missed him! :D
  7. Sheldon doesn't dance, even in the multi-universe theory, the closest we get is a candy Sheldon :D Can't wait! And wow, Priya is here for the long haul huh?
  8. That line made me laugh harder than I should've
  9. YES! Finally some nerdy action here!
  10. Huh, so the relationship between him and Priya sticks for longer than the episode tonight.
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