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  1. I can't wait any longer. Still almost 3 months
  2. I started with the pilot. after seeing kaley on "charmed" i looked up what else she had done and found bbt. i watched the pilot on youtube and was immediately hooked. i downloaded season 1 and loved it. now i download the current season and as soon as they become available i order the dvds.
  3. pretty cool. well done
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dental_floss
  5. torak

    Season 3 DVD

    For everyone ordering on amazonUK. They have special offers on BBT DVDs right now. Season 1 - £8.47 [€10.12 ; $12.45] Season 2 - £11.99 (€14.33 ; $17.62) Season 3 Pre Order - £14.99 (€17.92 ; $22.03)
  6. really nice episode. i had to laugh so much. "have you tried rebooting him", bernadette, bazinga, the ordering payback and pretty much everything else. cant wait for next ep
  7. awesome. more penny & sheldon action. cant wait for it
  8. torak


    yeah. she stared in season 8
  9. torak

    Season 3 DVD

    yep. just preordered it. cant wait for it... but its still 8 months
  10. good episode. some nice moments like "master of my bladder" or the "acquaintance" part.
  11. @Heroine26 are you kidding...the episode was hilarious.sheldon as wingman, howards belt buckel, sheldons second date. i admit the penny/leonard part was a bit boring but i liked the discussion in the laundry room about the different superstitions. i dont think they will set up everyone with a girlfriend, that'll wear off. atm howard having a girlfriends fits because he was more or less solo all the time except for leslie but i'm sure ot wont take on forever. "I cannot believe that Sheldon would be that against sex, that is just too abnormal, are there really guys like that out there?" sheldon IS abnormal and i dont know anyone but with over 6 billion people on earth i'm sure theres someone like him. it's like with the universe...it's just too big for us to be alone. "But I felt that Abby and Martha fell into their laps way too easily." well technically martha didnt fell into sheldons lap ^^ and raj. i dont know how but in most cases he gets a girl (ie middle-earth-paradigm or hofstadter isotope) btw... damn i need to get one of those lanterns and a power ring
  12. and here you find everything else she's ever done on screen
  13. it's "holy crap on a cracker" Click
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