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  1. Mine would be Stargate and pretty much everything by Joss Whedon. It started with Firefly, went to Buffy and it never stopped. i can watch everything over and over again and i just love it.
  2. I'm currently reading The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. Just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and started to read The Girl who played with Fire. Totally awesome crime novels i think.
  3. I just finished reading Harry Potter 7 for the third time and I'm still reading The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solschenizyn on and off for several month now
  4. @ivana you'll love it. here some of the best parts Hello IT
  5. british tv show call "The IT-Crowd". its hilarious and totally nerdy
  6. I can't wait any longer. Still almost 3 months
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