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  1. true. british tv shows rock. fawlty towers, black books, coupling, it-crowd, a.s.o. btw. i hear red dwarf is really great but i havent actually seen it. amazon has these two dvd collections for the whole series. any recommendations? no1 no2
  2. I started with the pilot. after seeing kaley on "charmed" i looked up what else she had done and found bbt. i watched the pilot on youtube and was immediately hooked. i downloaded season 1 and loved it. now i download the current season and as soon as they become available i order the dvds.
  3. pretty cool. well done
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dental_floss
  5. probably wrong version of flash-player click here
  6. torak

    Season 3 DVD

    For everyone ordering on amazonUK. They have special offers on BBT DVDs right now. Season 1 - £8.47 [€10.12 ; $12.45] Season 2 - £11.99 (€14.33 ; $17.62) Season 3 Pre Order - £14.99 (€17.92 ; $22.03)
  7. i can only agree. at first i thought WTF and then it became awesome. i really liked it
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    @ArtsyLes welcome!
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