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  1. na dann mal herzlich willkommen hier im forum, betty
  2. actually i didnt even know there was a torak on star trek till you mentioned it. a former friend of mine started calling me torak to annoy me when we were about 15 y/o and it resembles my real name (tarek) one day it just didnt annoy me anymore and adapted it as my username on the internet.
  3. awesome. more penny & sheldon action. cant wait for it
  4. torak


    yeah. she stared in season 8
  5. torak

    Season 3 DVD

    yep. just preordered it. cant wait for it... but its still 8 months
  6. good episode. some nice moments like "master of my bladder" or the "acquaintance" part.
  7. welcome! most people write where they're from or what they like/dislike about bbt, how they got to it or sth. like that
  8. @Heroine26 are you kidding...the episode was hilarious.sheldon as wingman, howards belt buckel, sheldons second date. i admit the penny/leonard part was a bit boring but i liked the discussion in the laundry room about the different superstitions. i dont think they will set up everyone with a girlfriend, that'll wear off. atm howard having a girlfriends fits because he was more or less solo all the time except for leslie but i'm sure ot wont take on forever. "I cannot believe that Sheldon would be that against sex, that is just too abnormal, are there really guys like that out there?" sh
  9. i think my first was some golf game on an old 286 with monochrome (orange/black) screen. can't remember if it had a name other than just "golf"
  10. and here you find everything else she's ever done on screen
  11. it's "holy crap on a cracker" Click
  12. Video of the Acceptance Speech
  13. Bienvenue ! and for the curtain click here
  14. congrats. they deserved it
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