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  1. cause the show is "legen ... wait for it... dary" ^^
  2. damn you evil spoilers i cant stop clicking.
  3. i prefer "holy crap on a cracker", obviously
  4. torak

    Episode 3.10 (Dec 7)

    i just saw the episode and i laughed my ass off. best scene when penny explained why it's sheldons spot...i just couldn't stop laughing.
  5. You'd hit particulate soil on a colloidal suspension.... Mud.
  6. Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica --- "Yo, Raj, talk to me" I laughed my ass off. Sheldons prank was cool and Kripke still annoys me.
  7. welcome ! i wish i could go to one of the filmings but its a little far
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