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  1. sheldon driving was great too. "Nailed it" :D
  2. true. fairly regular. my grand parents always bought horse meat sausage at the annual fair. but when i grew older i didn't like it anymore so i stopped eating it. next person has/had a crush on his/her best friends boy-/girlfriend
  3. i found this: Question: Do you realize that you haven’t mentioned The Big Bang Theory in Ask Ausiello since August? Is it because of residual anger over Jim Parsons getting flipping robbed at the Emmys? Any scoop on our scientists? â€â€Bethany Ausiello: If I had an assistant I would totally make him/her/it fact-check the hell out of that August accusation. That can’t be right. Anyway, the hitcom’s Dec. 7 episode will be chock full of what Kaley Cuoco affectionately refers to as “Shenny moments.†In the episode, Penny asks Sheldon to teach her “a lit
  4. torak

    This or That?

    smileys have to be yellow Heaven or Hell
  5. "Ohhh Geoffrey" no but i'd like to. next person has crossed a red light on purpose
  6. torak

    True or False?

    false next person has/had his/her hair dyed
  7. torak

    Movie Game

    Million Dollar Baby
  8. so jealous.damn you atlantic ocean and those 6000miles
  9. this episode is bound to be epic...
  10. torak

    Movie Game

    @ bilkis so i've heard but i've never actually seen it btt Nightmare on Elm Street
  11. torak

    The Guild

    the guild is hilarious. i love the show though i#m not a gamer and have the dvd. can't wait for season3 to be released on dvd. i noticed felicia on "Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog", which is awesome btw.
  12. na dann mal hallo und willkommen im forum
  13. same here. the video is totally awesome
  14. I guess a hint is required at this stage. would that be Wolo-wizard in Pas-a-den-a cal-i-forni-a ? What is Penny's fathers name? no. thats not it. hint: captain future btw her fathers name is bob
  15. according to this his middle name is "Lee"
  16. i agree that when sheldon falls in love he'll be totally confused and trying to rationalize everything.
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