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  1. torak

    Your Profession?

    I'm a seargent in the german forces.
  2. green lantern. where can you find the "wizard of science"
  3. torak

    True or False?

    False. Next person has fired a gun.
  4. torak

    True or False?

    True. Actually at least on of all of them ^^ Next Person likes watching musicals
  5. Missy + Penny + Kripke -- --- Penny - 20 Leonard Hofstadter - 19 Sheldon Cooper - 18 Raj Koothrappali - 18 Mary Cooper - 17 Beverly Hofstadter - 17 Missy Cooper - 17 Howard Wolowitz - 16 Dr. Gablehauser - 15 Stuart - 15 Leslie Winkler - 15 Kurt - 13 Alecia - 13 Romana Nowitzki - 13 Dr. Stephanie Barnett - 13 Kripke - 4
  6. great episode. just watched it and laughed almost non-stop. btw i know the "hand-trick". my uncle showed me when i was little. now i'm gonna watch the episode again ^^
  7. torak

    True or False?

    False. Next person believes in at least one conspiracy theory
  8. torak

    This or That?

    Kilkenny. definitely, I hate Guinness. String Theory or Loop Quantum Gravity
  9. Kripke -- Penny + Missy + --------- Penny - 18 Leonard Hofstadter - 16 Mary Cooper - 16 Missy Cooper - 16 Sheldon Cooper - 16 Howard Wolowitz - 15 Raj Koothrappali - 15 Leslie Winkler - 15 Dr. Gablehauser - 15 Beverly Hofstadter - 15 Stuart - 15 Kurt - 15 Alecia - 15 Romana Nowitzki - 15 Dr. Stephanie Barnett - 13 Kripke - 9
  10. torak

    True or False?

    VoE = Vision of Escaflowne. It's an anime oh and no sports today Next person is a semi-/professional sportsman
  11. torak

    True or False?

    true...ish. i'm watching vision of escaflowne and it has music in it so... next person has already seen VoE, and hopefully won't spoil anything ^^
  12. torak

    True or False?

    False, although i went only once by plane so far. Next person has caused a car accident
  13. Another good episode. Not as awesone as i expected from the cbs description but still good. favorite part "Bad Leonard, *pfft*". The howard/raj plot started off good but got kind of lame in the end.
  14. isn't that italien ??? if i remember correctly It's Bienvenue
  15. torak

    How do you look?

    you cant hotlink your studivz pictures. but you can add the pictures directly in the forum if you add them as an attachment this is me
  16. torak

    True or False?

    False. love everything spicy. Next person has visited at least 3 different countries.
  17. torak

    True or False?

    True. There's nothing like Star Wars. The next person owns a car
  18. Bilkis, since you didn post a new question I take the one you posted earlier. the answer is lime jello. Next question. What is/was "Papa Doc's capitol idea"
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