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  1. ..."personality of a boiled potato" easy, it was the same episode Which battle is fought by different spices,ketchup and sauces in the cheesecake factory
  2. You have to think more positive: It's like with the squirrels. There are the red ones (TMHMJ) ant the black ones (Geeks). Though at the moment there are still more red ones and they outdo the genes of the black ones when it comes to quantity, tables are turning. The genes of the black ones are just stronger and so if a red and a black squirrel pair up, their progeny will be black. The geeks are forging ahead like black squirrels. I like that metaphor.
  3. "wolowitz-zero-gravity-waste-disposal-system" Who "will eventually succumb to the acquired taste that is Howard Wolowitz" ?
  4. torak


    seconded.plus i already watched the season opener and it was great.
  5. it's called adamantium. it's like the "big ice thingy" all over again ^^ btt great episode: "it's really dark down here" and "Schnaps" LOL
  6. wow, they're great specially the first one
  7. Herzlich Willkommen bei uns.
  8. he did quiet a lot. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0374865/
  9. awesome. already lovin' it. sounds definitely like a candidate for best episode of season 3
  10. actually it rhymes perfectly. it doesn't depend on the spelling but on the pronunciation --> /ˈhɪstəri, --> /ˈmɪstəri,
  11. both. and actually it's several tv series
  12. I also prefer the german version of gunnery sgt hartman from full metal jacket engl ger
  13. torak

    Episode 3.01

    sheldon's room looks probably like the one he is living in now. lots of science books next to huge amounts of comic books and collectors items. and of course everything absolutely organized.
  14. Ohhhhhhhhh, I tried the link but the vid has been erased. What was it like? basically it was a summary of the P/L relationship developement in season 2. I upped it on rapidshare if anyone wants to watch it Click me
  15. Sheldons looks alot like a Logitech Premium Notebook Headset but afaik that comes with a wire so maybe they just cut it off so he could walk around or its different one.
  16. I know exactly what you're talking about. i watched a few episodes in german and its horrible. all the characters are misdubbed. and if i didn't know any better i would think howard, sheldon and leonard are dubbed by the same person. raj you already mentioned. when i saw it for the first time thats when i thought 'the horror' ^^. i've never heard any dubbing this bad except for the german dubbing of hiro and ando from 'heroes'. penny is acceptable although she lacks pennys/kaleys passion.
  17. torak

    Season 2 DVD

    I hope so. I prefer the other cover
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