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    Season 2 DVD

    £15.68 i just preordered it unfortunately the uk version has a different cover
  2. Unresolved Sexual Tension
  3. torak

    last night's epp

    bIlughbe' --> You're wrong
  4. torak

    This or That?

    white though i do love the very bitter ones too (>90% cocoa solids) how are they called in englisch by the way ? BluRay or HDDVD ?
  5. Does that include Fawlty Towers and Larry Sanders. While Fawlty Towers had some cracking jokes in it, I suppose I am just too serious to laugh at his misfortunes .Don't find the sanders show funny either. I guess I dont like laughing AT people. One foot in the grave, while similar, is amusing because he is just the unluckiest person that ever lived. Its amusing how things can start so bad and just keep getting worse. Unlike Fawlty or Sanders he doesnt bring it on himself, it's just fate being a bitch!. I cant stand Borat or similar types of comedy. "Hey, I don't know how to be funny, so
  6. torak

    True or False?

    False. No doubt a caipi tastes good but i'd still prefer a "sex on the beach" or "mai tai" The next person got more than 100.000 points on (game boy) tetris
  7. torak

    This or That?

    in europe metrical of course. Ernie or Bert
  8. torak

    True or False?

    False..ish. I only know Sushi as japanese food and that I haven't tried it yet. The next person has tried german beer and knows its THE BEST in the whole world
  9. I was working as a porter in a hotel in Hamburg and one of my colleagues came up with an EXCELLENT response to such a phrase. he was in the elevator ready to bring a couple of guests up to their rooms when they said: "Gruss Gott." and he replied (in a toally deadpan manner): "So hoch fahren wir nicht". Translation: Guests "Greet God" Porter: "we're not travelling that high." They actually put in a complaint against him at the desk!. I thought he deserved an award for that reply. I dont like the new business term "going forward" . I DO like "it's all good", as it reminds me of
  10. yeah. i prefer the second idea.she could know some of the answers from missy or his "friends with benefits"- stay-over
  11. uh thats great. but that had to be in one of those "10 quick questions in 30 seconds" kind of things otherwise the question would be too trivial.
  12. @waffles sure. actually i've already been thinking about it alot but i did't come up with a good story so far. first i thought of other movies where they fake relationships and usually its because of their jobs and one of the two wants to get promoted. so sheldon, physicist at a university... not so much. penny, cheesecake factory waitress...not so much either. so i tried to come up with a better idea and the only remotely useful situation i could think of was some kind of gameshow for couples like "The Newlywed Game" meets "Who wants to be a millionaire" so mixed questions about the couple an
  13. Welcome / Bienvenue to the forums
  14. me too i don't think that there will be a real relationship between them but i'd love to see them in a fake relationship for some reason. both trying to act like they really like each other i think that would be hilarious.
  15. yeah, i cant wait for it
  16. if i remember correctly the magnetic north pole is a physical south pole but it was already named north pole before they found out how magnetism works and it was to late to rename it
  17. torak


    servus björn
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