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  1. Niki

    Nerd Test

    Omg! that's funny! ** Your nerdiness is: Not nerdy, but definitely not hip. Yaay! I'm like Penny! LOL!
  2. Spanish (native) English (I understand it and I'm trying 2 speak it well! LOL) French (a lil') Some Italian
  3. Niki

    Episode 2.03

    I heard the same... But it was awesome saw Penny playing that!! LOL!
  4. Niki

    Episode 2.03

    OMG! I need this episode!! Penny into online gaming!
  5. Niki

    Favorite Quotes

    Same! LOL... that was awesome!
  6. Niki

    Hey y'all!

    Thanks! ^^ I hope so *hug*
  7. Niki


    I saw all season. I love this show! it maked me discover Kaley <3 And I prefer Rose than Shannen, LOL, but it's a personal hate: Shannon, not her character (Prue).
  8. Nice Poll! ^^ I use firefox... and I love it!
  9. Here's another TBBT's fan! I'm from Spain and I can't find fans, communities or forums in my language (the show isn't so popular here) so I decided come here!... 1. Sorry for my english! *blush* 2. Let's enjoy! Bests. PS. My favourite character is Penny and I'm totally in love with 'Sheldon & Penny' moments! LOL! I can't imagine the show without it!
  10. Another vote for Miss Cuoco! <333 She's the effin' winner! LOL!
  11. Love this girl... She look so serious @ the announcement! that's weird... but a good cause. Thanxs for the info.
  12. Sheldon & Penny's are my favourite moments, but not as couple, thanxs! that could be dangerous! LOL. I love their 'love/hate friendship' and it's true, we saw changes but I don't see this point. Whatever, hope it'll improve the show!
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