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  1. Hey can i get the link too please?
  2. Copic

    Episode 3.01

    I agree. Everything seemed rushed. Oh well can't wait untill the next episode. I was abit disapointed with this one.Only reason i kept watching is 'cuz of Sheldon.
  3. Copic


    I just remembered that it was on tonight and i cxatched it just intime to hear Sheldons "Jumping on teh bed" comment D= Anyone know another time it is on on satellite? Im ES time
  4. LOOKS GREAT! Can't wait to see what they mean by bring Leonard and Penny closer together....!
  5. Yes, thats awesome!I'm really glad! My boyfriends parents bought the first season on DVD, and my boyfriend is a nerd quite like them, so we sat down and watched all episode in a day and we loved it! I'm watching the episodes as they air, but my boyfriend will only watch them as they come out on DVD
  6. I really hope there will be-maybe even a 4th and 5th season. I mean, its almost at their 13th episode and season one had 17! But then we have to wait a while for it....It makes me sad to wait...I'm OC about Sheldon and i cant wait for the next episode, it looks really good! Will they give Sheldon a love interest? What do you hope to see in the next season? Do you think there is going to be a new season?
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