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  1. Yes.She discussed when she appeared on"Ellen"the talk show.
  2. I have to agree.I did not even think about him as one of the choices for the role,but I think it will work.
  3. I will have to go with "Babylon 5".I still watch the DVD's.(Sheldon forgive me. ha ha!!)
  4. How about John Lithgow (Third Rock),or Robin Williams.(Yes I know that is a stretch.)
  5. I heard that they are going to make like she had to go back home.She will do cameos where she talks to them on the phone. This is complete hearsay,I have nothing concrete yet.
  6. I feel for Kaley.This is the second time she has been hurt riding.The other time was when she starred on "8 Simple Rules".She had hurt her knee,but they were able to write it into the show.Hopefully they can do the same on "TBBT".
  7. Is there really an IgNobel prize? Is it like the "Razzies",the opposite of the "Oscar"?
  8. YAHOO!!!! CONGRATULATIONS JIM PARSONS ON WINNING AN EMMY!!!! Actually if he lost that would have convinced me that the Emmy's were all fixed.
  9. I belong to (5) forums.But like someone mentioned before I only belong to sites I participate.
  10. "No Galileo and the Pope had a little misunderstanding". Sheldon speaking to Penny.
  11. 1."Lord of the Rings" box set. 2.The complete set of the classic spy series "The Avengers". 3."The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy". 4."Underworld" and "Underworld Evolution".
  12. Frau Bluecher is the character Cloris Leechman played in "Young Frankenstien"by Mel Brookes.
  13. 1.Someone playing the Harp. 2.The sound of ocean waves. 3.An owl hooting in the night.
  14. After I transfered them to disc,I used the tapes for target practice.
  15. I am probabily showing my age,but I started off with "Star Blazers".Most of your list I like.I would add "Escaflowne" and"The Last Exile".
  16. Absolutely!! Sheldon as Hippie or the "Jay" character from "Jay and Silent Bob" would be funny.
  17. I guess we have a crowd of ex-MTG collectors.I to had decks and folios,but quit for the same reason the Sherminator did.I do collect pocket watches.I like the mechanics of springs and gears.
  18. I whole heartily agree.They are trying to support these new shows.After seeing some of the previews they won't make it.TBBT's ratings will drop like a stone despite the huge following it has enjoyed.
  19. I just finished "Jack of Shadows" by Roger Zelazny.Now I started "Dancing on the Head of a Pin" by Thomas E. Sniegoski.On the tech side I am rereading a manual about Pneumatic control systems for work.
  20. 1.Penny marries Leonard gives up acting to become(ironic)a highschool science teacher.With the others doing cameos.Title: Penny for your thoughts. 2.Sheldon goes to work at CERN.(enough said).Title:Collision Course. 3.Raj and Howard work at NASA or the European Space Agency.Title:Space Invaders
  21. I know Sheldon will have a fit,but i enjoyed "Babylon 5".Maybe the fact that I also watch "Dr.Who" (the original)and was a HUGE fan of "Firefly"might off set his ire. I also enjoy shows like "Myth Busters","Junkyard Wars"and "Ghost Hunters".
  22. I agree with most of what was said,but you also have to remember this is a situation comedy not a soap opera.Which means the can drop or add characters without explaination.
  23. Yes.It seems she doesn't even audition anymore.
  24. Yes I have.I agree if they went with that cast the show would have failed.
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