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  1. This episode was so amazing, it made me laugh constantly. I love the idea of Sheldon being one accident away from being a super villain. If I thought someone had touched my food, or someone deliberately sabotaged my laundry day I would crack up as well, so I can completely sympathize with Sheldon. Although Penny did indeed play very well. : ) Pure entertainment.
  2. I loved the introduction of a character so intense that they could scare even Sheldon away. I loved Sheldon tapping morse code through his bedroom wall and his discussion of how Leonard had to help him get rid of Ramona. She terrified me, but that's probably just the slacker in me that would die if someone forced them to work constantly, Hehe.
  3. I couldn't believe it when I found out that the DVD's weren't for sale in the UK. I've never found that before, so late after the US release. The wait for all my favourite episodes on repeat was almost intolerable. This news is very very welcome. : )
  4. Yay! I was wondering how long I had to wait until series two hit UK screens. I can't wait, it feels like forever since series 1 ended.
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