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  1. I completely agree. This was definitely a good episode and a step back in the right direction for the show. Steve The Wiki
  2. This was a very good episode. It's good to know that the writers still know how to write a good ensemble story. The characters were nicely in tune, without any one character dominating (*cough*Sheldon*cough*). I loved the conversation in the car about Penny's old boyfriends and of course, Raj and Bernadette's impersonations of Howard's mother. Penny's dad was great, although I would have loved to get a little bit more background on her family. Where was her mom? And what's her last name?? They're teasing us, I know Steve The Wiki
  3. I always pictured the two bedrooms side by side, esp with Sheldon crawling along the ledge from one to the other. Hmmm ... Steve The Wiki
  4. I don't see why they would need to explain Penny's absence. Within the story, she's not gone. She just doesn't happen to be involved in whatever was going on in those two episodes. She's not over at their apartment all the time, especially now that she and Leonard have broken up. Remember, three months after the relationship between Amy and Sheldon started, Penny still didn't even know about it, so clearly she's been less involved in Sheldon and Leonard's lives since the break-up. Now if they'd chosen to show her broken leg instead of hiding it behind the bar, then an explanation would have been in order. Steve The Wiki
  5. Season four is very uneven so far. Last Thursday's episode, Iris Pub Formulation, was wonderful. The week before, however, was a travesty -- barely watchable. To be fair, the same can be said for the beginning of season three. And sticking it out was well worth it when episodes like Adhesive Duck Deficiency came along. I won't stop watching the show just because some of the episodes are very poor. I'll be disappointed when they fail to live up to the high standards they set in seasons 1 and 2, but I'll keep watching. As someone else posted, it's still the best sitcom on TV (okay, tied with HIMYM). And even in a poor episode like Desperation Emanation there are still great moments. I mean, seriously ... I've been a Star Trek fan since the 1960s. Some of those episodes were beyond horrible, but I still love the show. Being willing to point out with fairness and affection the mistakes and flaws is part of what it means to be a fan, I think. Steve The Wiki
  6. Actually, the first time he does it is Lobenfeld Decay (season 1, episode 10), and then it's four knocks, not three. Before that episode he knocks differently. (He does knock on doors in episodes before that, but he doesn't use that signature pattern at all). What would become Sheldon's signature knock was undoubtedly a bit of throwaway "business" used in that episode which really worked and which they decided to keep. Last spring they added the triple knock to the flashback episode as if he'd been doing it for years, trying to make as many of the events of 2003 foreshadow the events in current episodes as they could (since that's the kind of thing that makes those types of episodes so fun to watch). They did that for comic effect, and it's cool and all, but in fact it's a continuity error. Sheldon simply didn't knock like that before Lobenfeld Decay. Steve Who Knows Entirely Too Much About This Show
  7. There' are a couple of nice threads about the unseen first pilot here in our forum: http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=20 Also, the wiki has a lot of information in it about that episode: http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Unseen_first_pilot We're still trying to find out the name of the actress who plays the older woman customer in Katie's salon. Steve The Wiki
  8. Interestingly, her character's name was given as Penelope "Penny" Queen on an IMdB page. No idea if that's correct. I'm hoping we'll find out soon. http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Penny#Last_Name Steve The Wiki
  9. Sorry, those three girls are uncredited. So unless someone happens to recognize the actresses, you're out of luck. Steve The Wiki
  10. Well, gang, I think we've hit rock bottom. That was without a doubt the worst episode of the entire series. The "Desperation" of the title was clearly that of the writers desperately trying and failing to write anything close to a usable script. Sheldon was completely out of character. He said bizarre things like "What makes you chuckle, Leonard?" His "stars closest to me" thing on the stairs was just silly and again, out of character and bizarre. I kept thinking that the writers must have invented it to desperately fill time in the episode after they wrote Penny out. Raj suddenly has a girlfriend ("Two words ... deaf chick!" I literally cringed). Now hey, this could have been the basis for the episode and we might have had something worth watching. Instead, Raj was practically written out of the episode! Did he break a leg too? So what did we get instead of anything approaching clever dialogue and characterizations? An appalling dung heap of crude humor. It's as if the writers were completely unable to think of anything and so just threw in as much offensive drivel as they could work up to try to get a cheap laugh. And the ending? Probably the most embarrassingly bad scene I've seen in years of watching television. No, Sheldon would not have said those things, he IS NOT CAPABLE OF LYING, remember? On top of that, he's very uncomfortable with that kind of talk, as he pointed out in Robot Manipulation (when he "translated" something Leonard said as "cockamamie" and then admitted that even that word bothered him). It was utterly, completely out of character. And it wasn't in the least bit funny unless you're a twelve-year-old boy who snickers like Beavis and Butthead upon hearing the word "vagina". I will say that I am beginning to loathe the way they write the character of Amy even more than I loathed the way they wrote Kripke. And that's saying something. I hope Amy does a Dr. Stephanie and disappears without a trace, and the sooner the better. Please, writers, don't do this again. I beg of you. This episode is a travesty. Go watch Adhesive Duck or Work Song Nanocluster or Middle Earth Paradigm and rediscover what a good episode looks and sounds like. Find your way back to TBBT the way it should be. Please. Steve The Wiki
  11. That would have completely rescued this episode for me. Brilliant. I, for one, am more than ready never to hear Soft Kitty again. Steve The Wiki
  12. Not to mention the fart jokes. Seriously, the biggest danger is that the show will turn into repeats of "Sheldon Acts Crazy While Everyone Else Makes Snide Comments Or Treats Him Like Their Child" week after week. Last season seriously fell into that trap over and over, and last Thursday's episode went into that same territory. The upcoming episode for this week doesn't bode well. The season opener was brilliant, so it's clear the writers haven't lost it yet. But I do worry. Steve The Wiki
  13. I agree, the ending was forced and the plot was never resolved. This was an enjoyable episode but not exceptional. Steve The Wiki
  14. I've been working on a complete record of Sheldon's knocking habits on the wiki: http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Knock,_Sheldon's I haven't yet added last night's discussion about the knock, nor some of the more recent season 3 variations (such as Penny answering Sheldon's knock back at him), so it's not complete. Just thought you might find the entry interesting anyway. Steve The Wiki
  15. FANTASTIC!!! Big Bang is back and better than ever. I laughed so hard I nearly rolled off the couch. Thank you thank you thank, Chuck and Bill and everyone who makes this incredible show. Steve The Wiki
  16. We put links to the vanity cards in the episode guides here and in the wiki. You can read every one on Chuck Lorre's website through those links. Yeah, Chuck Lorre writes them all himself. Steve The Wiki
  17. Steve

    kaley cuoco

    I agree, william. There's no reason why they can't write her injury into the show. I think they just need some time to do some rewriting and planning, since scripts they had ready to go maybe had to be changed or moved to later in the season. Of course, depending on how badly she was hurt, she might not be able to do a full schedule. I know that a serious injury like that can really slow a person down for awhile ... and I don't just mean that she can't move as quickly when her leg is in a cast. Steve The Wiki
  18. Bernadette will be back. From rumors I've heard, it looks like she may officially become a semi-regular, like Leslie was way back when. Sounds good to me! http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Bernadette SOOOOO excited for the premier tomorrow night! Steve The Wiki
  19. Should be interesting, judging by the photos. Sheldon, who is allergic to cats, sitting on the couch surrounded by the fluffy beasts ... Steve The Wiki
  20. The title of the fifth episode, filmed Tuesday evening without Kaley, is "The Desperation Emanation". http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Desperation_Emanation And the premier is only a week away!!! Steve The Wiki
  21. And we have the title of episode four: The Hot Troll Deviation. Disclaimer: Only the titles of the first two episodes have been officially announced by CBS. The third and fourth were revealed by fans who attended the tapings of the show, and the titles may be changed before they are officially announced. (In fact, once the title of an episode was changed AFTER CBS announced it.) http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Category:Alternate_titles Steve The Wiki
  22. Episode 4.03 is entitled The Zazzy Substitution at this point. Sometimes those shooting titles change before they're officially announced, but for now that's the title. I hope Laurie Metcalf is in it! I love Sheldon's mom. Steve The Wiki http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Season_4
  23. Here's the wiki page about that episode. Always fun to see all the odds and ends of information about it. http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/0107 Steve
  24. We note this in the wiki here: http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Poltergeist Just thought you'd like to know :-) Steve The Wiki
  25. Yeah, that one's definitely not great. But even in an episode like that, there are wonderful, hilarious moments. The entire opening scene, for example, is excellent. ("What was that?" "Believe it or not, personal growth!"). That episode also was the first time Sheldon did the knock thing (although he knocked four times, not three). In fact, the episode is really quite good until Sheldon't fake cousin Leopold appears. Then it all falls apart. Steve The Wiki
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