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    The simplest explanation is usually the best. We don't see all the conversation between Leonard and Penny, and I think it's simplest to assume that she mentioned the man-feet thing at some point during the conversation but we didn't see it. It's also likely that during their months together she mentioned that she uses nail polish to hide her man-feet and Leonard was teasing her just a little bit. Steve The Wiki
  2. Actually, the whiteboard equations aren't supposed to be part of the story, they're Saltzberg's inside jokes. They connect to the story somehow every week, but not as part of the plot line. I wish I knew enough physics to be able to decipher all of them! Thanks for the heads-up on this one. I have to remember to add it to the wiki. Steve The Wiki
  3. Howard wasn't using something the guys already had in their apartment. He was using devices he "borrowed" from his friend at the Department of Defence. It was definitely not the same device. The video phone idea is a good one, especially since the same device turns up on Gablehauser's desk in various episodes (starting with 104). Steve The Wiki
  4. Many of the jokes/gags which turned up in the early first season episodes originally appeared in the unaired first pilot, including the "light saber in the middle of the night" gag. I would love to see the entire unaired pilot. Maybe someday we'll get lucky and it will turn up as an extra on one of the DVD collections. Two other bits of trivia: - The guy who plays Stuart originally auditioned for the part of Howard. - The girl who plays the prostitute in The Vegas Renormalization was briefly cast as Penny. Steve The Wiki
  5. I'm not sure about the reference from Bozeman Reaction. The unit that Howard uses for their new security system is quite different, if that's the one you mean. We might be on the right track, however. I did a Google image search for "home automation remote" and "universal remote" and turned up a few devices which look somewhat similar to that one. Still no exact match, however. Steve The Wiki
  6. We've been trying to work that one out for a long time. Steve The Wiki
  7. LOL If you knew me, you'd know that "misogynist" is about the last title anyone would give me. I stand by my dismay over the way the character is being portrayed ... all the work they did to toss the "bimbo" stereotype on its head in the show has been undone in the last few episodes. Why was Penny with Leonard at all if she had such shallow feelings for him? She's treating him like dirt and doesn't seem all that upset about it, just uncomfortable that they have to be in the same apartment building to remind her of the consequences of her actions. She can't just throw an iPod out the window and call him names, then storm off. Hopefully this will turn into an opportunity for her to do some self-analysis and realize that her pattern of treating men the way she does is going to leave her, well, pathetic and alone. Funny, isn't that the way she described Howard's fate? Steve
  8. I have to agree that this episode was very weak. The entire thing was written for a single punch-line: Leonard and Penny are going to be friends and Sheldon is going to be the "child" over whom they share custody. It's a one-joke episode that not only hammers that one joke way past the point of being funny but also ignores the characterizations that have been created over three seasons. Let's face it, Penny comes across in this story arc as being incredibly shallow and fickle. I wanted to believe differently. However, I guess that's the Penny we came to know in seasons one and two, basically a "bimbo" going through men left and right and then seeking out consolation sex to ease the hurt. She hasn't changed, it would seem. And now Leonard is the latest casualty of her brutal lack of true feelings. Makes me start to reevaluate her previous relationships ... who was really the villain in the Mike breakup at the end of season one? Steve The Wiki
  9. Ouch! You checked Wikipedia instead of our very own very thorough and detailed wiki? I'm devastated! LOL! Steve http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/index.php/Main_Page The BEST Big Bang Theory reference on the web
  10. Did anyone get to the taping of the season finale or know of some set report online? I'm hoping someone can tell me the title of the final episode. I have the titles of the others leading up to the finale (Spaghetti Catalyst, Plimpton Stimulation, Elevator Implementation). Steve
  11. This plot twist is comic gold ... Evil Wil Wheaton is responsible for Leonard and Penny's breakup and Sheldon knows it. I have a feeling we're going to be in for a deliciously wild ride for the last few episodes. The writers are geniuses. Not the Apple store kind, the Leonard and Sheldon kind. Steve The Wiki
  12. Great episode. Truly great. But my heart is breaking for both of them ... Steve The Wiki
  13. I haven't been able to find the whole thing. On the wiki page for the unseen original pilot (which I listed above), there's a link to one scene. That will at least give you an idea. Steve The Wiki
  14. Hey, no problem. If you love trivial facts about TBBT, you really need to take a ramble through the wiki. It's quite amazing the tiny details and odd facts that we've accumulated and placed on those pages. Steve The Wiki
  15. The name of the original "girl next door" character was named Katie. You can read more about that original pilot in our wiki: http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Unseen_first_pilot There's a link on our page to a scene from that unseen first pilot. Steve The Wiki
  16. Thank you! I'll add that title to the wiki. It's just so much easier not to list episodes as "322" and then have to go back in and change the references later. Steve The Wiki
  17. Which episode was this (title)? I'd love it if all you lucky folks who get to see the live tapings will let us know the titles of the final two episodes of this season. Steve TBBT Wiki
  18. We also put a link to the vanity card on each episode's wiki page. Steve TBBT Wiki
  19. This was a flawed episode, it's true. The banquet scene was the heart of the problem, as a few other people mentioned. Once again, we have an episode where the whole focus is on Sheldon acting like an idiot, leaving everyone else to hover around him setting up his jokes and acting vicious behind his back. Nope, doesn't work. That being said, there were plenty of funny moments leading up to the banquet scene (a scene I will not watch again if I can help it). I enjoyed the episode a lot, even with its flaws. Steve
  20. Oh, I'm sure she'll be back. She's not a series regular but rather a guest star, so she isn't written into an episode unless there's a specific reason, and lately the stories have not needed her. Steve TBBT Wiki
  21. And I see it completely different. I love the way Leonard has been standing up for himself. If he didn't do that, there is no way that they could live in the same apartment. Sheldon KNOWS he's an arrogant, difficult ass. He can't help himself, but he knows it's true. Remember when he agreed that they would have to go to the movie without him? And when he dumped the french toast, wistfully wishing he could change his crazy ways and eat it? And when Leonard mentioned how difficult it must be to be inside Sheldon's head, to which Sheldon replied honestly, "At times..." ? Sheldon dishes as bad as he gets. Worse, actually. Much, much worse. At least Leonard and Penny get a little back to keep things bearable. Steve
  22. You can read all about the shirt, including the tunes and sounds Raj plays, on the wiki: http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Personal_Soundtrack_Shirt This episode was directed by Peter Chakos. He's a producer and film editor on the series, and he directed one other episode: Work Song Nanocluster. The only other episode directed by someone other than Cendrowski is the Pilot, I believe. Steve Wiki Editor who has spent a little too much time TBBT'ing today
  23. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! I love it when a TBBT episode comes together ... ! In my opinion it had just the right balance of Sheldon wackiness, Penny dealing with the strange strange world of geeks, Raj stealing the show with his shirt, and Howard just being a douche. Can't wait to watch it again. Some reasons why: - Penny pretending to know who Stan Lee is ("Um ... He was on Star Trek ... Star Wars?") - Sheldon's script for Penny in her "native language" ("Please excuse my homespun, corn-fed Nebraskan turn-of-phrase.") - Raj finding just the right bit of music ("People will know I'm awesome and to be feared ...") - Stuart describing his plans for the evening to Penny ("You're looking at a guy who could very well get stood up by a stray cat tonight ...") - "Obviously you don't remember your circumcision" - the JUICY pants. I mean, yeah. and so on and so on and so on ...! Oh, and ... "Most of the things I plan to buy haven't been invented yet." By the way, don't checks expire after a certain amount of time? Okay, I'm watching it again now. Don't want to "work" anyway (filling out job applications online. Don't let anyone tell you writing books is any way to make a living). Steve
  24. I think it's unlikely that Sheldon will get his revenge any time soon. I think he'll try during this episode but once again be thwarted and so the vendetta will intensify. This is too good a plot thread to be finished with right away. Wil Wheaton is the nemesis that the lame Barry Kripke character could never be. Steve
  25. For anyone who's interested, the next couple of shows have just been added to the wiki. The titles are The Precious Fragmentation (3.17) and The Medal Resistance (3.18). Just so you're warned, be aware that there are a few minor spoilers on the wiki pages about the episodes (and a link to major spoilers for 3.18). Just thought y'all would want to know. Steve Wiki Guy
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