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  1. I'm glad the show is doing so well. If it got cancelled I'd be devastated. Its the highlight of my week (what a sad statement to my life, eh?).
  2. The Dr. Pepper can actually says Dr. PEEPER lol. Last night's episode was the best ever. I was laughing and "awwwing" at the end. Whoever went to the taping of that is so lucky....
  3. Sophie..where are you from? We could roadtrip! I am in Arizona, just having moved here from Connecticut. Burbank is about a 5 hour drive from here and they film on the Warner Brothers lot which is at Universal Studios.
  4. I love Sara Rue and am glad shes joined the cast (for however long they have her). I was hoping to see Penny a bit more jealous than she was (she didnt seem envious at all actually). The Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock thing was fabulous. I'd love to know how many takes it took Jim Parsons to get that down. Just a sidenote: I am hoping to go to a taping of the show perhaps in January.
  5. He is sooo much like Sheldon. I just found this on Youtube and wanted to share it... This is his second time appearing on the Late Late Show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlZ9Kj_t5GM (I hope the link works).
  6. I agree with those who have a "crush" on Jim Parsons. I think he is adorable, as himself and as Sheldon. And lately I've been wondering if the show is going in the direction of a Penny/Sheldon "romance" rather than a Penny/Leonard romance. It certainly would make an interesting love triangle for a few episodes. Laura Please join my BBT fan page at myspace.com/bigbangtheoryshow
  7. Hello to all. I just found this forum. I am a huuuuge BBT fan. I'd like to invite anyone who shares this passion to join me at myspace, I've made a fan page devoted to the show. Please go to myspace.com/bigbangtheoryshow Thank you and I'm so glad I found a forum devoted to BBT Laura
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