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  1. Maybe people arround him are getting smarter
  2. Frist of all, what gives you the right to talk to me like that? I've never insulted you or talked to you in any offensive or agressive way, neither here in the forum or in the MSN. As a matter of fact I've always talked to you the nicest way possible, and even overlooked a lot of things you've said. Second of all, if someone really wants to kill themself, they won't do it the slowest way possible. If someone kills themself by cuting their wrists or orvedose, it's probably just a desesperate call for attention, even if it's not concient. Third of all, yes, as a matter of fact I DO know about this kind of stuff. Maybe YOU should get a grip about other people feelings or thoughs before posting something like that. You're not the only one with problems in the whole damn world Eoin. If you can't tell apart a joke from serious talking maybe you shouldn't be a in comedy series forum.
  3. Orvedose with TYLENOL????? Seriously, even cuting your wrists sounds less emo then that
  4. Unless there's some kind of stain in the paper, or the priest forgets her name I think it would be very siticon-like
  5. It's an TV series isn't it? Never watched it. Next person hates/hated to read the assignment books in high school.
  6. Ok, I just got extremely afraid of torak now o_o
  7. About 3000 wasn't it? I don't know the exact number though. Next person has a calendar in their PC table.
  8. Probably It's pretty much all my waking hours that I'm not in freaking school. Next person likes Sum 41 \o/
  9. OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS??? YOUR JOB IS AWSOME!!!! *-------* You're definitely my idol now o__o (like you weren't before, after I found out you speak freaking latin and ancient greek ) Well, I'm a senior in high school o/ Although not for much time, since school ends in about a month and my graduation party it's december 19 Finally! I can't believe I'm finally getting rid of school! 11 years is waaay too much time u.u
  10. Yeah right Competly false, I can't even make noodles xP Next person can play an instrument.
  11. Penny - 19 Leonard Hofstadter - 19 Mary Cooper - 17 Sheldon Cooper - 18 Missy Cooper - 16 Raj Koothrappali - 18 Howard Wolowitz - 16 Dr. Gablehauser - 15 Beverly Hofstadter - 17 Stuart - 15 Kurt - 13 Leslie Winkler - 15 Alecia - 13 Romana Nowitzki - 13 Dr. Stephanie Barnett - 13 Kripke - 4
  12. Yeah, I did taekwondo when I was a kid. Next person hates spiders.
  13. Omg this episode was waaay better then I expected The Eye of the Tiger part was fantastic! And poor Howard! His boyfriend had to work the whole episode xP Ok, and this is kinda off, but last night's episode of Two and a Half Men had an TBBT easter egg (like the Oshikuru in the last episode) Charlie said to Chelsea (is that how it's spelled?) that he was going to give her the blanket with sleeves for crhistmas And he was drinking and watching cable TV, which was the same way Penny got the blaket for Leonard XDD
  14. False. But my aunt did and she invited me, but no way I'm spending 9 hours in front of the TV Unless I'm sick And I can't escape from the World Cup excitement either. Except, you know, our chances of winning are way bigger then yours ;Db (lol, just kidding ) Next person thinks pirates are the most awsome thing in the world.
  15. Only went to one once. It was kinda cool reading the names of the people there. I was only, like, 9 years old and wasn't scared at all. So yeah, I guess I like it Next person used to sleep in history classes in high school.
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