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  1. Maybe people arround him are getting smarter
  2. Unless there's some kind of stain in the paper, or the priest forgets her name I think it would be very siticon-like
  3. Omg this episode was waaay better then I expected The Eye of the Tiger part was fantastic! And poor Howard! His boyfriend had to work the whole episode xP Ok, and this is kinda off, but last night's episode of Two and a Half Men had an TBBT easter egg (like the Oshikuru in the last episode) Charlie said to Chelsea (is that how it's spelled?) that he was going to give her the blanket with sleeves for crhistmas And he was drinking and watching cable TV, which was the same way Penny got the blaket for Leonard XDD
  4. Why thank you smeghead, I'll take it *-* Seriously, I can't resist chocolate. That's probably the best way to poison me Or modify my behaviour, whatever And I also though the goth thing started funny and died in the end. But even tough I know the goth culture doesn't sum up to "not that anyone cares", I still though the parody girls were hillarius And I REALLY wanted to see Howard and Raj in a cowboy bar XDD But I guess the scenes with Penny, Leonard and Sheldon pretty much made up for the few lame goth scenes
  5. Was I the ONLY one who noticed that they were watching Oshikuru? o.O It's an huge easter egg! It's the same anime Jake helped Charlie to make a theme song on Two and a Half Man Omg I'm so happy I'm the first one to post it \o/ (not that anyone cares, lol )
  6. FINALLY SOMETHING I CAN ANWSER!!! I've been lurking arround this topic forever! It's Raj of course ;Db What was Howard's bar mitzvah presents?
  7. I dunno, it's just that Irvine sounds like an girl name to me o_o And because you were on the other ship war topic I figured you'd be a girl, because I don't think there's a lot of guys who care about shippers But that's ok, people think I'm a boy all the time, also because of my nickname o/
  8. Irvine you're......A GUY? O_O Omg did not see that coming And since I'm too lazy to quote, I'll just say that I second everything that beans said I think it's fair that we have a little more respect. But either way, I'm already used to it, mostly because of the Avatar fandom Whoever whatched the show knows exactly what two ships I'm talking about And seriously guys, it went down the same road in the other topic, let's not fight again for the same reasons -.- We already told you why we like Shenny, and we're not changing opinions so soon Just deal with it the same way we deal with Lenny in the show
  9. ...Then why bring it up? -.-''' And I don't think I'd be able to stand living with someone with the same DNA as mine
  10. HUSAHUSHUAHUS OMG XDDD This is bound to be the best episode ever
  11. .... o.O wow I went to sleep and missed all this? Well here we go: Why on earth I would provide some DNA if you can just use me for the experiment??? Yep, that's exacly what made me overreact o/ The way they talked it seemed like we were all 13 years old girls who kept voting and voting to change the results. By the way, I didn't vote once, just so you know. And I didn't comment on that before, but if you really think that shippers only ship because they're in love with either the caracter or the actor, you seriously don't know anything about fandom o.O And besides, WHAT IF there's more Shenny shippers then Lenny shippers? o.O Seriously, isn't your ship happening anyway? Just because we're becoming more numerous doesn't mean you guys are "losing", calm down -.-'
  12. Why be a scriptwriter when you can be a FICWRITER??? o/ If you need a beta I'm here for you man! Anyway, I still think he's like Kurt, specially after last episode, when Sheldon mentions all the "sibling fighting technics" that he mastered Or maybe he just works in the church with his mom ._.''
  13. OMG! Then the perfect girl for Sheldon, in FemaleNerd's formula, it's ME! *-* Although for me it would be more of 40% Leonard, 20% Leonard's mom and 20% Nowitzi, but still! And I'm sorry that I overreacted to the topic, but I'm getting tired of people bashing us u.u
  14. Seriously guys, why can't you leave us alone? o.O It's not like I went in the first episode topic and was like "hahaha they had a lousy night they're ever going to stay together and you're ugly" o.O Do I have to state again why do Shenny fans exist like me and beans did in the other topic? -.-'
  15. IT'S TONIGHT???? Damn I completly forgot o___o Another night staying up ç_ç By the way people, go watch Sorority Row! IT'S AWSOME!
  16. In november 26 this year I'm gonna be 18 year old And I just found out that the season 3 episodes are coming here in october already o.O Maybe season 2 DVD won't take long after all \o/
  17. OMG am I the only one who loved the episode? I didn't think the christians jokes were racists neither ofensive, but I can't speak for everyone Leonard, as I said before, was kinda OOC. But not Sheldon o.O I loved Sheldon in this episode, he was starting to get anoying in the second season but now he's back the way I like it \o/ Come on, just re-watch the first season and you'll see he DOES have feelings. Besides, me being the only one who liked it's kinda funny considering this was THE Lenny episode
  18. Wow, I guess the Sheldon esteriotype isn't that uncommon after all o.O Maybe he's the most "normal" in the group XDDD
  19. LOL, well, as Sheldon taught us once a female encounters the alpha-male it triggers the biochemical reaction in her brain that "lay people may naively interpret as falling in love". So it's all a matter of triggering the correct neurotransmitter release Which Sheldon is going to experience with in the third episode, using chocolate
  20. My mom says I act like Sheldon sometimes too ._. And about the spot, this one where I'm sitting right now is my spot I don't let ANYONE sit on my computer chair u.u Besides, sometimes I have crazy lines of though like Sheldon that no one understands ._. And it's not like I can't talk to boys, but I'm pretty sucky at it
  21. Drunk Leonard is always hilarious
  22. Wait, that's not what I meant Seriously, if what you saw it's what it is then I'm more than happy about it \o/ But I like being sceptical about it because, hey, it's shipping we're talking about here Besides, I'm pretty sure until Chucky and Billy started to write this episode they had already heard about the shipping war in their fandom So I think they did it to tease us. Besides, I probably didn't pick up on that because I was pretty much a zumbi at the time I watched the episode
  23. Wow, I did NOT pick up on that o__o Which really sucks, me being the main representant of Shenny in this forum But I dunno, I think you're looking way too much into it. And yes, Leonard was a jerk in this episode o.O Seriously, it even came out a little bit OOC
  24. If you want to, I can take them for you XDD
  25. Yeah I gave the exactly same idea a few pages ago, I agree with you But I'm sure we'll have a chance to meet him latter o/ But I really wanted to see Sheldon's old room ç_ç
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