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  1. Yes Geekuk, you are correct =)
  2. It's like, La Heim means "to life" so maybe searching for that?
  3. Marlon

    Episode 2.13

    Certainly =) I hope maybe in the smallest of corners somewhere my name will be written? :-) Feel free to edit it, adjust it, rework it or improve it, as long as the original digitalisation (putting it into a Jpeg) is linked to me
  4. Marlon

    Episode 2.13

    Previous to that scene, Penny asks Leonard why he and Sheldon became friends. Leonard answered by telling her that he saw a flyer on the bulletin board of the university, "roommate wanted, whistlers need not apply". Leonard thought the latter was a joke, as many particle physicists do joke about. Penny: "It turned out great, hasn't it?" Leonard: "Yeah... But I do miss whistling though." Penny: "Come on, really..?" Leonard: *Whistles* Sheldon: "First Warning"
  5. Marlon

    Episode 2.13

    I thought it was rather funny. This episode was a tad different from what i'm used to, but it still made me laugh out loud. I really liked the Friendship Algorithm. (I've digitalized it to an own-made Jpeg.) I really enjoyed this episode, I really did.
  6. The location isn't based on a real building.. Why? In Episode "The Euclid Alternative" Penny drives Sheldon to work. In the first 10 seconds, we see this. I've located it on Google Maps (Thank you Google Streetview Registered Trademark), you can see the similarities. Hence this is in the first 10 seconds of the scene, we can conclude they haven't been to long on the road already. But, when you look at the position of Pasadena City Hall, It's way out of direction. So logically, this is not possible. Pictures are copyrighted by Google Maps
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