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  1. I only speak english and a very lazy spanish... i SHOULD know spanish very well considering my parents tried to raise me speaking spanish, but i just leaned toward english. I regret not being more devoted to spanish though, cos I know if i go visit family in mexico they'll just get all nitpicky! i REALLY want to learn German though. i LOVE german! i know like VERY VERY little~ (mostly from like lyrics)
  2. I too, hope the show gets to at least a 5th season, maybe not so far as a 7th, but up to like a 5th or 6th season I think would be good for the show. I'd definitely buy the box set ;D
  3. I loved this episode. I wanna see more of Barry Kripke he's pretty hilarious, he's like ...he's just great, man. hahaha
  4. i know! especially since house is so well established!
  5. Y HELLO THAR 3rd rock thread... *ahem* I friggin LOVE third rock. I've loved it since I was little, man. Sheldon Cooper is totally the new Dick Solomon. (sorry about the huge bump i gave this thread, but 3rd rock is HIGH priority for me)
  6. vixtopher


    First off, i'm disappointed that I saw no HOUSE thread, (and if I missed it, please point this stupid n00b to it and delete this)... anyway. I'm kind of pissed off at FOX for changing HOUSE MD's air day to monday. now it airs at the same time at BBT NOT COOL, FOX!
  7. Hey guys I just joined today! How's it going? ^__^ I'm about to start the new semester tomorrow Human Biology at 8:00AM!! oh yayyy (no, no yay) also... I blame sheldon cooper for my out-of-nowhere interest in Star Trek. I've been watching the original series on youtube and am almost disturbed by how much I enjoy it. x__X
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