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  1. will be downloading that tuesday 22nd, cant wait
  2. I dont know about pennys room but certainly for leonard and sheldons room I believe WyoLars has got it pretty much right except leonard and sheldons rooms are the other way around, as shown in the episode in which sheldon gets ill.
  3. DrSheldonCooper

    Know you

    Basics Name: Stephen Age: 17(birthday yesterday, woot) Birthday: March 9th Sex: Male Eye colour: brown Hair colour: brown Height: 6 ft and a bit Any pets if yes what are there names: nope Favorite Drink: 7up Food: lasagne Colour: red Store:burtons Either/Or Spender or saver: saver Books or movies: movies Sweet or salty: sweet
  4. 7+8 = 15^2 = 225 - (400+194+25+6)^1/2 = 200 anyway 198
  5. 196 and Marlon i just checked the equation you posted and i make it 200 *points to self with a sign saying this man has no life* Edit: lol how stupid am i
  6. 12^2+6^2-0.25 (192 for those not great at maths ) P.S. spent about 5 minutes trying to find two square numbers that would fit 192 lol
  7. Just saying hey to all the fans on here, im one of the many (I hope) from the UK cant wait to get some more of the new episodes over here.
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