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  1. Jeff


    After the season finale on May 11th we CBS star showing reruns from Season 2 until Season 3 comes out? I don't think I could wait last till then without reruns.
  2. We got two more episodes right? Man I'm going to hate waiting till the next season comes out, hopefully the DVD will come out quicker this year...
  3. Just saw the pictures from the new episode they look funny, any idea when some preview clips will be aired?
  4. Song: Jolly Mon Artist: Jimmy Buffett Link: next Song: Coconut Telegraph Artist: Jimmy Buffett Link: You can't beat Buffett.
  5. Jeff

    Well This Sucks

    Just wanted to let ya'll know that yesterday I went to Wal-Mart after school and they had four Season One DVDs left so I snatched one. Got done with the first DVD last night planning on watching disc two sometime today.
  6. Jeff

    Well This Sucks

    Well today was/is my birthday and I got a $25 giftcard for Wal-Mart from my sister. I planned on using it to buy TBBT Season One on DVD, I just tried to order it online and its not in stock and doesn't give an ETA on when it will be back in stock. So it sucks but that's life I guess, I had to vent a little.
  7. Can anyone PM when they upload some preview clips, this episode looks interesting.
  8. I live in the US and with my birthday coming up in two weeks I'm most likely getting season one on DVD.
  9. Song: Tom Ames' Prayer Artist: Steve Earle Link: If you want to know more of my musical preferences just PM me.
  10. Jeff

    Nerd Test

    62% scored higher (more nerdy), 1% scored the same, and 37% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: Not nerdy, but definitely not hip. I more of the fat redneck type
  11. I thought the episode with Summer was the one on March 2nd but I guess I was wrong, still the news about the new episode seems interesting.
  12. Jeff


    Well I've finally decided to sign up, I've been a fan since the first episode and haven't missed one since then and I must say this is the best show to hit TV in a long time. I mainly watch sports and the news but this is one the few TV shows I watch. I hope we can continue the success for a lot longer.
  13. I believe the show is returning March 2nd not 9th as stated on the website.
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