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  1. I'm assuming they must be using a laugh track as there's nothing funny going on. I can't imagine a live audience laughing at anything much. I'm having a weird feeling. It's almost like I can't wait for the season to be over so that I don't have to suffer through this garbage anymore. I guess I keep watching in the hope it will improve but it's unlikely with these writers.
  2. Oh dear. Another disappointment. This show had such potential and now it's just a lot of "Two and a Half Men" styled vacuousity.
  3. Sorry Wayelrob but it's WRONG. They are NOT spelled correctly. There is only one way to spell English words correctly. When you change the spelling to reflect a mispronunciation you start to end up with a mess. Americans have changed apologise and put a "z" in it to match a mispronunciation. English is full of French and Nordic words which are meant to be pronounced the original way. Coupe is French and is pronounced coopay not coop. That's where a chicken lives. It's really annoying and more so when Sheldon does it. He's a pedant and would get these things right.
  4. It's spelled Manoeuvre. Jewelry is spelled jewellery and is pronounced that way. I suppose soon nuclear will be spelled nucular because of mispronunciation. Koalas aren't bears and it is pronounced ko-ala not kwala. TBBT sure is full of inconsistancies and out of character behaviour. I suppose my still watching the show is a bit like a car wreck. You know you shouldn't look but it's hard not to and I keep hoping it'll change back to the way it was.
  5. Yeah...more junk. I think I chuckled once. I remember when TBBT would have me laughing all the way.
  6. I'm jealous. What a lucky SOB. By the way...what 47 year old needs Viagra? He's in his pipe laying prime.
  7. Absolute Garbage. A new low. I think the writers should be put to death so that their physical state matches their mental state.
  8. I'd be surprised if Jim left. He's type cast now. He may not get much work in the future.
  9. Of course ratings don't mean that a particular episode was better than others. It simply means more people looked in that night.
  10. "Arctic" and the middle c is pronounced.
  11. Another dead episode for me. I can't stand Amy. I muted the harp and singing bit so thank God I didn't have to suffer through that. Only mildly funny parts were "get your women in line" and door knock proxy.
  12. Nitpicking I know but would the proper Sheldon character actually risk messing with the couch? There was only support under his spot and how would he know that Leonard would sit in Sheldon's spot?
  13. Only trivia but I'm not talking about range, key, or octave. The second and fourth notes are different and they wouldn't be. I'd never heard it until TBBT so I don't know which version is correct. The point is that Sheldon and his Mother would sing it exactly the same way as he learned it from her.
  14. Sheldon's Mother sang Soft Kitty with different notes from the way Sheldon and Penny sing it. He would have learned it from his Mother or Grand Mother and therefore it would be the same. "Willing to sail across the ocean without fear of falling of the edge" gave me a chuckle.
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