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  1. Hey im Nick from the U.K, Thought i would join the website because i love the big bang theory tv series
  2. I dont like nightclubs whatsoever, to be honest i'd rather watch a film than go out to one. Also all the stereotypical people where i live.
  3. 3% scored higher (more nerdy), 1% scored the same, and 96% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: All hail the monstrous nerd. You are by far the SUPREME NERD GOD!!! I knew i'd get a high score, im in university
  4. dethdealerx

    Know you

    Basics Name: Nick Age: 19 Birthday: 27 Nov Sex: Male Eye colour: Green/grey Hair colour: Brown Height: 6ft2 Any pets if yes what are there names: Dog - fattie Favorite Drink: Casual drink = Pepsi. Alcoholic drink = whiskey Food: Chinese/Indian Colour: none Store: Game Either/Or Spender or saver: Spender Books or movies: Movies Sweet or salty: Sweet
  5. 6-8 hours, i always have to watch something on the net or xbox before bed to calm me down
  6. Manchester, England. Noticed alot of people from the uk are on here
  7. Haha i do see the resemblance, i do think they should include some in at least one episode though
  8. Roll on this episode, i've been dying too see this one!
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