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  1. hi people , im a spanish nerd, big fan of the big bang theory, at least a cult serie that people watch, in spain has not the same rate of usa, is not so famous, because spain is different, (a big shit) all the series that have a good rate are the spanish ones, they are funny but always the same, about civil war or a poor neibourhood, so i watch always tbbt at the computer, in english of course and i really love it
  2. from the cast ,maybe khotrappali ,is funny ,but if i have to choose one ,is the less important, BUT just to choose one from the cast i think that the serie will not be the same without him from the secondary char. the comic store guy ,don't remember the name ,and kripke just the sound of the voice that is funny and irritating at same level *Wobots*
  3. it can be, they have a real physicist in the show all time, while recording ive seen it in the comic con interview with big bang's guys, they say it, is in youtube
  4. nice episode , i have to see it with spanish subtitles, on monday night was already on the net, and the bees, when sheldon is telling to penny how the bee queen is expulsed by the other stronger queen, and she takes it seriously
  5. I'm catalonian, a region of spain with our own language and culture, diferent from the spanish one (barcelona is catalonian) , we have 4 diferent languages in spain, gallego, euskera, catalá and español,
  6. im from spain i speak english,spanish,catalonian,danish, a bit french,and trying to learn arabic and vasconian u know that the languages have they own cluster in the brain ,and a cluster for each language you speak? sabeu que cada llenguatge te el seu lloc en el cervell, y un lloc per a cada idioma que parleu? <--- in catalonian ,
  7. lionseed

    Nerd Test

    om i did'nt make any trick im nerd god ,and i didnt knew it 0% scored higher (more nerdy), 0% scored the same, and 100% scored lower (less nerdy i didnt make any trick i promisse, if i did probably i didnt make 100 % i try to get lower, is too suspicious.... i answer with no looking at anything im spanish from barcelona university and the assembly is a language , useless but language of programming, i did response assembly because the others was hi level languages and this is low the question is wrong... 86% scored higher (more nerdy), 2% scored the same, and 12% scored lowe
  8. yes sheldon is by far the best in the cast, but is just because he is not human, is like spock, they nearly take him off because was too far from humanity ,but it was the most caracteristic one, and the favourite of all people better than kirk, i think the same happen here, i like his personality because is impossible
  9. oh yeaaaah , nice news, too bad that in spain we just saw the 1º season so i have to see it in english, i'm familiarized with the spanish voice, and of couse, the jokes are a little bit harder to understand it. but the anxiety don't let me wait, so i've seen all 2º season in english. and now when i see the spanish version, it look weird to me. i've decided to continue the english version, at least i will learn a little bit more english
  10. oh yeah ,really funny episode, and good page for the flowers, jejeje and for your knowledge, the table game is called chess, please, chees sounds like cheese. omg im starting to sheldonate my self
  11. some times i wanna dieeeeee, ¿why i've been born in spaiiiin? it's too expensive to send me any shirt, ¿anyone wanna go to spain in vacations? ill give somewhere to sleep in chango of any merchandising, (like the nintendo pad in the belt of howard, in the 2º episode i think) in spain, we have all kind of japanese merchandising, but not usa, is sad
  12. oh thx, is the 1º english forum i've ever register, "i mean english language" if anybody need any help with spanish stuff can ask me jejejej
  13. hi ,here in spain, there's a lot of freaks really ,and the serie, is the best i've ever seen ,sorry for my bad english,
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