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  1. I'll have to say that so far my favorite episode is episode 100th, it's already taped even if it's not in the books yet as being aired but for what I've read... I personally like it above the other episodes, this one is actually an episode I'm looking forward to see during this season.
  2. The episode wasn't so bad and the stereotypical religious/right-wing-etc etc was well....meh okay...but my favorite part and the one I was looking forward to since I saw the picture was in the church considering Raj and Howard and it was very very funny I did laughed a lot specially with "you just get one wish" lol :D I'm still laughing as I'm typing this comment, I'm catholic (sort of because I'm not very religious and I don't even remember when was the last time I walked into a chuch let alone a mass) and the Rosery rattlers also made me laugh lol, it reminded me of an aunt I have. I don't know why but sheldong behaving like a kid is not funny to me, I'm not going to press on that topic but his childish behavior is one of the least things I find funny in the show other than that I'm still enjoying the season. I guess it was good that Bernadette wasn't around because having two catholics in one room might have been too much to handle hehehe though it could've been fun too. :D
  3. Oh hell No! That's what I said at the scene on the bed in the morning "Hell no!" I also said something not so good in spanish about Raj. I think they left Sheldon and Amy alone because they have no real emotional weight in the show, they are more practical and serious and all the emotional stuff is for the rest of the characters, personally it's fine for me because I don't really care about sheldon and Amy. I have a question here, the next season will start when? till next year? because I saw the chuck lorre card at the end after the credits and said "see you next year" that's not true is it? the next season should start on september, right?. I didn't liked the finale to be honest, F%$"$ Raj and... C'mon Penny! really? some alcohol and even with Raj? I do wonder how things are going to turn out the next season. Also, here we go again with a Friends-like plot, the cheating as Ross "cheated" on Rachel now Penny "cheated" with Raj and even worse because they are all friends, I guess that will stick with the characters for the rest of the show. I don't know how the writers will fix that but it was a damn screw up.
  4. It was an okay episode though I will have to admit that I did laugh with Bernadette on this episode, her temper and replies were funny and just freaking out and walking out of the apartment talking about the catholic school it was okay, so the season finale could be about the trip for the summer...interesting.
  5. It was to be one of my favorite episodes until the scene with the new agreement, I had quite a good laughs when messing with sheldon, but from the new agreement to the end it went downhill for me. Also the best part...Amy and Penny!! hell yeah!! hahaha I like Amy and Bernadette even more!. And I tolerate sheldon even less hehehe.
  6. 3) No. Though I think he is more suited as Spock. I saw again Star Trek a couple of days ago and when I saw Spock I remembered sheldon. Now that Howard is engaged, I wonder how and what he is going to do and say to his Mother, congratulations though hehehe.
  7. Aw Man this is one episode I laughed the most from the entire season! Still, I didn't laughed with sheldon's lines but with the rest, I think they are going on the right way with girls also in the show and not just 4 guys and Penny, they are expanding very good the friendships and the comedy and how the stories can go from one couple or one person to the other, so I really enjoyed the episode. The lines and most of them were great like "Lucky Bastrd" hahahahaha to be able to ignore sheldon is quite a feat! and Raj's "Shut your @ss" and what liquor do to guilt hahahaha that was excellent. Also Pryia and Raj webcam chat with their parents. :D All in all great episode and hope for the next one, I read in Kaley's twitter that she was already reading with the rest of the cast the season finale during this week.
  8. I found another trailer but kinda more spoilerific so beware. If you can hear what they are saying then enjoy! lol.
  9. I'm more interested to see if Priya can liberate Leonard from the roomate agreement and see how good lawer she can be because to actually win an argument with sheldon...that contract was just plain crazy!!
  10. since the return of Penny from her injury many episodes have been very funny and personally favored but I can't come up with just one so far, maybe until the season ends, but Damn! she was needed and missed the first episodes,personally I didn't liked how the season started but now is going quite well for me.
  11. So as we can see there's the drama with Penny crying but right after that there's Amy comedy with the nodes. So the show doesn't linger in drama that much. :D I'm gonna like this episode I can tell.
  12. Here is the promo spoilers warning: This one and the one after seems to be very good and interesting episodes.
  13. The Trailer of the episode, spoilers beware and enjoy! :D
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