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  1. I can understand why they like to hear you and listening wich is also important, besides Milday, you have the upper hand in a conversation, you can say things and if the other person didn't understood or did as you told you can always have the argument that you DID said it to the person its not your fault the other person didn't paid attention hehehe clever :D
  2. Wow!! Russian, unfortunately I only know how to say: dasvedanya (good bye), Da (yes) nyet (no) : but its a very cool language and the accent must sound great Milady.
  3. Sounds really good, damn...I really like ice cream and parmessan cheese on the spaguetti but I suppose that if it comes to the game I would be lactose intolerant. :D lol
  4. Well, super villian or heroine I think she can do it very well, after all she had already played an action character in charmed, and another fantastic four movie would be cool! better Kaley Cuoco in her natural green eyes than Jessica Alba in her contacts, I do like Jessica Alba but she went through a lot to look like Sue Storm where Kaley wouldn't have to.
  5. I think Raj did had a drink previously, because when the camera focus on plimpton she has a glass of wine in her hand, obviously she wouldn't drink alone. Also, I'm not sure to take howard's word regarding braking up with Bernadette, I think he just said it to be part of the "things to come" as an made up excuse after Raj told him that he has a girlfriend. What I came to think once penny learned that Leonard slept with plimpton is that she'll try to do the same I don't, those who went to the taping of the seaason finale knows for sure but I think penny will try to do the same thing in dating another guys but unable to enjoy it that's why the episode info regarding leonard ruining her for dating, penny trying for a pay back and at the end not working as she hoped. Milady Charming, I'm glad you enjoyed the episode
  6. This is the second Favorite episode of the entire season so far!!! great great episode!! Spoilers... Sheldon had a small amount of involvement!!, howard was howard, penny got jealous!!!! leonard, as smart as it should be, he "carpe Diem" except it was at night and took the opportunity free of any repraisal very good! but Raj, BRAVO!!! hahahaha that's when I laughed the most way to go!!! hahaha. I know that it might not be the same and also that maaany people would argue and disagree with my point of view, but I think I could very well see and enjoy the show without sheldon. I know what many would say and think its just my opinion. So Howard briefly "broke up" with bernadette, that should please Hanna lol :D __________________________________________________________________ Last and not least, Your highness Charming XOXO. :D
  7. When Milady Charming is right, is right. No point in argueing lol. :D Oh Mr Knight, you should be the called the Charming one! So its working on you? interesting...
  8. What?!, no silk and no pseudo homosexual stuff. But as gentleman and a knight if milady desires to end the affair I shall respect her wishes, after all that's what it happened in the bowlling alley, and yet, there is no need to end the affair and you can leave Hanna keep Howard for herself or let her compete with Bernadette. :D In the meantime, here is video promo in HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzdIgs4S6RY
  9. When Milady Charming is right, is right. No point in argueing lol. :D
  10. hehehe...ehmm who must I address regarding the poll? because everyone knows that Mexico is not from central nor south america.:D
  11. It is all well deserved for the lady.
  12. Now those are ideas I can see being developed in the future, at some point Raj has to talk to women and being sober, minimum for the reason of getting to his nerves and blurt out at least a: "C'mon!" hahaha As for penny, she has to get even in the time lapse as leonard since he started 2 years ahead of her, I think the writers and chuck lorre or just the writers can pull that off easily. Penny doesn't have it as secured as she might think but only if other girls appear to like leonard.
  13. *bows Milady Charming, its an honor.
  14. It is my pleasure milady charming And so in the words of Sherlock Holmes: "The Game is afoot" hahahaha as soon as I saw the promo I posted it in here including the remark "Enjoy" that it was pointed out to be included. (honestly, I don't know if Sherlock Holmes says that in the books but I saw it in a movie)
  15. Here is the youtube video promo. spoiler and yes, I remember, Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLGCzQOXU14&playnext_from=TL&videos=Ywv_fwx_c_o&feature=sub
  16. Charlie Harper got lucky with someone like her...Kudos to the practical Chuck Lorre. lol :D
  17. At least at dinner penny kept asking about leonard, and in the laundry scene I liked it, I think she was really upset and worry too, not one of my favorite episodes but it was ok as part of the season and transition after the brake up. I suppose the next episode and the season finale will be better. Hahaha and of course after the fights and brake ups, there was the issue of sheldon's custody and they reached a settlement, that's good.
  18. Lol!! I suppose I was all too vigilant for the promo to be posted on youtube and let it be known in here Irvine :D I was more concern in warning the "spoiler" just in case and making sure to follow the rules with at least a warning because the enjoyment is evident. LOL but next time I will mention it.
  19. Episode promo in youtube, spoiler. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWl-d1X8FfA
  20. You know its old when you see a play station 2 and a game cube and get nostalgic. lol
  21. oh yeah!! and also that reminds me , I gotta buy sherlock holmes dvd too!
  22. Ouch! You checked Wikipedia instead of our very own very thorough and detailed wiki? I'm devastated! LOL! Steve http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/index.php/Main_Page The BEST Big Bang Theory reference on the web oops! Damn, ehmm...sorry Steve, my mistake , I'm gonna check the very own BBT wiki instead, its just that I have several wikipedia's sites of the shows I mostly watch but you are 100% correct, its better to rely on the team's database . I still wonder when the next season will start but they haven't say it yet.
  23. Here's the link in youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK8C9XRrAvQ
  24. You mean as a: "we were on a brake!!!"? Where have I heard that before????? lol.
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