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  1. Excellent! I have to admit I like this, ok she might have a problem in saying "I love you" and braking up because of it, but at least it will take her a lot of effort to go out with someone else jejejeje and deep down or not so deep down depending the cases all of us might feel the same lol. I'm not sure there is a computer algorithm in the online dating data able to find a match for that "whack-a-doodle" (penny's words) but it will be fun to see. Damn....the season is ending. "Damn Damn Damn" ---Dr. Emmet Brown.
  2. Kaley Cuoco will appear on Letterman this wednesday 21st. Let's see what she talks about and maybe about the braking up or future episodes and season.
  3. Besides it will be no longer "two and a half men" just "a barely a man and a half" lol, (because charlie jokes about allan being kinda gay). It would be a shame if the show ends, in any case it had a good run and it really made me laugh. Besides the all the women that appeared in the show, I wouldn't know about Doira Baird if it wasn't for the show, or I wouldn't remember that Jennifer Taylor appeared in "wild things" let alone knowing about April (Candy). Let's just wait and see what happens.
  4. I read in the Batman Arkham Asylum game that Harley is already a Doctor working there and treating the Joker leading to fell in love with him, so she has to be of some age and Kaley Cuoco she is waay too young and beautiful to have her face painted to play Harley, IMO.
  5. I didn't saw that video before, that was a very good interview lol and what Kaley said to her: "you are crazy person" lol. My God I love her. Also those ideas are quite good but in the very future I suppose, and what sheldon replied to leonard I believe it was: "not to mention imaginary" Thanks for the Video and the channel, I subscribe at it.
  6. In the season finale I think some of this things will happen, regarding howard. But yes, I have too as number one wish that leonard and penny gettting back together, and if not, she will learn and find out the hard or from afar way that she loves him, she had the chance, the time and opportunity but if they don't get back together she'll find out hopefully soon. One thing I did like is that penny was actually tear eyed and more upset braking up with leonard compared to when she broke up with the 80gb ipod guy, back then she wasn't as tear eyed.
  7. I think that many of the ideas are fine, but for me as long as Leonard and Penny get back together its all good, there might be new people, maybe leonard meets someone else and penny too, jealousy might be there, their friendship might get stronger and the fact that penny grows to care more for leonard enough to actually admit that she loves him. Their relationship should take time and problems would arrive, that's one of the basis of the show as it was with friends until the very end ross and rachel gets definetely together, they have to stretch the situation as much as they can, I believe. They can remain friends but there will still be the "more than friends" feeling from each other and sonner or later it will show, after all they have already been together for an entire year and that is not easily forgotten . As for Sheldon he could win the nobel prize, invent a time machine, cold fusion, an alternate energy fuel, produce fuel from sugar canes I don't know and its all fine with me. As for Howard and Raj I wouldn't change much of them, they are fine as they are, Raj is funny when he drinks and Howard can still work with his relationship with bernadette, I do like her voice jejejee. By the way, when will season 4 start?
  8. Plus I checked in wikipedia and another website that Joyce Kim will also appear played by Ally Maki, why did she defected to North Korea? How this season will end? I liked the ending of season 2 and the start of season 3, how will it be this time? "tan tan tan taaaaaaan"-suspense sound effect.
  9. Oh Damn!! I wanna know a lot of spoilers already! its true, even when I know I should be patient and sometimes I am, there are cases when I'm really impatient to know things, thanks for the heads up about the tittle, Its a bad thing being impatient and not being a smoker hehe.
  10. and things doesn't get better for leonard and penny since in another episode he is competing with sheldon for the attention of another girl. I believe that more than leonard penny will be the one regreting braking up and then taking time to admit what she feels for leonard, if I could only have been in the tapings I would have speak as a prophet but I'm only making theories lol. In the meantime I'm watching the episode over and over again, T minus 3 weeks and counting...I guess.
  11. There should be a thread about who has gone through the same situation like Leonard and Penny in real life jejeje I know I have. I liked the episode because it involved everyone, sheldon was not a pain---- as much as in other episodes so I liked that, raj and howard were the typical friends teasing another friend its to be expected, no harm meant but that's what friends are for too jejeje. As for Penny, I see that she was really scared and sad about the point her relationship has reached and such fear and pressure can lead to a brief or permanent break up, I liked the close up at Penny's face in the end as it was mentioned, I think she wasn't angry, she was sad and worried yet there's still much to know in future episodes. Still she is my reason why I see the show Me too and I also liked the signature you have, not only I love Kaley but you have there the other woman I'm crazy about, Claudia. Because of her I watched stargate-SG 1 but only untill Vala appeared, I liked the episode unending and because of Claudia is why I like Dragon age and uncharted 2, both great games in many way but Claudia being in them makes them even better.
  12. I really liked the episode, even with the ending I still liked it, it reminded me: "being there, happened that" damn! to wait another month to see what happens next.
  13. damn!!! damn damn damn!! it has been a time of bad luck to several male characters among tv series, fringe, mentalist, bones, chuck and now the Big bang theory, I really think that the episode its gonna be really good and now waiting till monday to write some comments. Thanks for the video, it really took them some time to show it.
  14. no youtube promo yet? hope this week some preview could be available.
  15. Here is another one, yeah me too, that's why I started watching the show because of them though I do like the plots of the rest of the cast like everyone else but my main reason is Penny and how leonard could get her, mantain the relation or if they brake up the way to get her back. It's the same reason why I see other shows like chuck, bones, fringe , the mentalist because of the plot of each episode and the chemestry.
  16. It was great!!!! they even quoted the LOTR about the ring, I knew it they had to quote it, and the punch, it has been a long time since I crack a laugh, now I love penny even more than before, I even said "finally!" well I said: "por fin!" since I'm mexican but the translation is mostly the same lol :D Also, I was saying to leonard to let go the ring in the hallway, "let it go, let it go" and when he did I was: "yeah!! that's the good choice" lol. Still, I now saw a glimpse of the reason why penny and leonard would brakeup, I was thinking since the beginning of the season what reason could it be since penny likes leonard and him is not the cheating type, so, what reason could it be? but at the end I saw the possibility penny at some point will have enough, the glass of her tolerance might be filling and at one moment....but that's for future episodes to see. Great episode, I really liked it but the punch was the best and also "that's my girl" jajajaja.
  17. I don't mind spoilers in the least, thanks for the promo and just a couple of days for the episode.
  18. Yeah, me too I would like to see leslie back, the picking on was really fun and I really liked it and also I would like to see what penny would say or react now that she is with leonard.
  19. I really liked the episode, raj plot in this episode was excellent, the shirt was great!!! and I'm glad the fellowship have the courage to stand sheldon up, leaving him in jail and penny actually run at the end lol, that was the best!!! and the music of the shirt, I even knew that it was jeopardy's tune even when I just saw bits of the program. The fantastic 4 robe was cool, its as if george lucas would have a jedi robe at his home given the case lol :D I was worried it would concentrate the episode in sheldon but thank god they didn't, I just like it when they spread the plot to all the cast not only one in particular, that's my point of view. Also I noticed that penny said again "ah balls" I think that there hasn't been a situation for penny to be in shock so she would say "holy crap on a cracker" jejeje. I'm glad that the olympics have ended and that canada won the gold in hockey, everybody happy and the episodes are back again!! oh yeah!. :D
  20. I thought it would be a cool episode with the LOTR references but this...this makes it even better! Thanks for the pictures.
  21. "One ring to rule them all; One ring to find them; One ring to bring them all; And in the darkness...bind them" The odd thing is that leonard already have a precious of his own jejeje. This sounds to be a very good geek episode.
  22. SLPHR = Sheldon/Leonard/Penny/Howard/Raj episode where all characters get equal screen time for the most part Now I get it! lol, now that's being practical!! thanks shannon.
  23. I didn't make the meaning of SLPHR, what's does that mean? I know its an expression for the episode as good or great, (so I'm not asking about a spoiler) jejejejee just so everyone knows.
  24. Leonard's surname wasn't leaky or leeky? because of an anthropologist his parents worked with? I think the only one remaining is Penny.
  25. I second that motion, though I had that motion long ago probably since season's start but I was just waiting for it to be issued lol. What I did like is that leonard did had Penny as number one for the trip. I would've change the ending and I think it would've been funnier if howard and bernadette end up going, that leonard passes the chance to stay and taking care of penny and howard and bernadette going and howard gloating finishing saying "neener neener".
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